TL:DR | The fundamentals of the change process and growth, all for the Self-EduDevMent based Personal PolyInnovation System.

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Self Education, Development, and Improvement. PolyInnovator takes these three similar concepts, and puts them together into a cohesive personal change process.

The challenge most people face is because they focus often on just one of these aspects. When isolating your progress to one area, and particularly not in an optimal order; Then you demolish your exponentiality, as well as hit plateaus more often.


Self-Education acts as a foundation for all of your changes, as you can't apply knowledge without first learning it. This goes for college as well, for most learning in academia comes from your own autodidactic pursuits. I.e. studying a text book.

The change process starts by you first learning of something new, and idealizing how you could possibly implement it into your life.

This is also where you decide how to continue learning in that knowledge area or skill.

Compound Effect:

Self-Improvement is the consistency factor (something you'll hear me say a lot on the site). It is the spark of change, that ignites and occurs daily. You may not always feel it, but you can certainly fuel it. The constant 1% progression towards your next step. Continually improving on your form for exercise, learning new vocabulary, or simply practicing a skill.


Self-Development is the exponential factor. It is the catalyst for change, and how you combine education with improvement. It acts like a skill all on its own, really they all do, and Self-Dev particularly comes at increasing gains. For every time you consistently improve on your development skill set, then you increase the likelihood that you will be successful. In whatever endeavor you seek, as the development builds systems in your life. They act like backups for when your willpower wanes.

Self-Education (Autodidactism)

To teach oneself is the prospect of autodidactism. Being a self-teacher, so to speak, and Self-Education is simply the formality of that lifelong endeavor.

In the context of PolyInnovator, and its omni-content, the definition of Self-Education is this: The process of teaching yourself a new skill or set of skills, via your own self-curated education. Through a self-curated, or do it yourself, degree.

The reason why this documentation exists is actually for the autodidactic followers of PolyInnovator. Sure anyone can and should use the documentation as needed. However I felt that there would be a certain few, that would be more eager to learn more in depth.

Usually it is the type of person that loves learning, and deep down we all do. It is just the constraints of how people learn growing up, that degrades their desire.

Take this opportunity to check out the Modular Degree if you haven't!


Consistent practice is key to becoming a master.

You can visualize improvement as the functional consistency of your actions, or as the shingles on the roof of your house. They keep the negative aspects of weather away. Just like the take the negative regression away from your life progress.

In simple terms you can only move in one way, there is no stopping to maintain. You either make progress or you lose progress, which sounds worse than it actually is. However it can go in a spiral, for good or bad.

With strong Self-Improvement you can protect your Self-Development, allowing for exponential growth.


If you have poor habits for contiguous improvement, then you can have a regression whirlpool, driving you backwards in progress.


As I often say in many of the blog posts: Self-Development is the exponential factor to your progress with change in your life.

Self-EduDevMent is my conceptual idea for talking about said "life-change-progress".

Mastering your educational pathway, whether it is small or multiple years, or lifelong. Then accounting for how you want to scale it, as well as creating the systems you need in order to do that. Finally it comes down to continuous improvement, as you can't always rely on development to keep progression going.

Self-Development is the frame of the house of your life.

How you go about that frame...

Understanding how you frame your view on your own progression is key to figuring out how to change it. Everyone wants to improve their life in some way, to change it, and developing yourself is the second step in the process.

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