OmniContent #1 - Self Education Crash Course

TL:DR | Part of the OmniContent series, this sprint is based on the idea of self-education, and the fundamentals behind being an autodidact.

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Your Guide to Self-Edu as someone who is getting started for one of the first times!

Have you ever wanted to learn something new, but didn't know where to begin?

The challenge of finding a way to start is often 80% of the work, and the remaining 20% is leftover to actually learning what you are trying to learn. I propose we look at Self-Education, which is the intended action when trying to learn something, in a different light.

My proposition is that we create a new system of learning in place of traditional means. By traditional I mean elongated higher education pathways, or even having to go on swaths of information deep dives on your own. It can be engaging to do those, but they don't always produce useful/actionable knowledge. In order to take a step forward we must create our own Self-Education.

This is what you are here on this site for actually, as the PolyInnovator brand may be vast in general of its topics, but the primary focus is Self-Education.

Okay so you want to learn something, you need to find a way to learn it, then you need to find a way to take action. Let us see how we can get you through that process!

Finding YOUR Learning Method

Whether or not you are aiming for something large like a degree or alternative, or you are simply wanting to learn a new skill; The method of action that you take to learn it is quite important.

You may want to read a book, watch a plethora of YouTube videos, or take an online course.

All of which are great ways to get started, but what if you need deep knowledge in order to actually make use of the skill? Then you will need a manageable multitude of resources.

One suggestion I can make right away is to take the Self-Education mini course provided on Polyinnovator Academy!

Why a Multitude?

You want to be skilled in this area right?

Given that the desire to learn this knowledge has lead you here to this blog, there must be that hint of passion within you.

You are here to learn, you are here to improve, and most of all you're here to get started.

Personally my goal in life is to #MAKEACHANGE in people's lives, and I feel that this is the method I would be best suited. I love getting someone like you to learn that new topic, or understand a concept that you were trying to wrap your head around.

Giving you that "aha!" moment!

You're here to get started, so continue onward to find out how!

How to Take Action

What you do in order to take action is almost as important, if not perhaps more important than what you're taking action for. The way the brain works is that we want the easiest path of least resistance.

Only if you choose to do more, do better, or as Nike says "Just Do It", will you actually accomplish it.

It is actually funny, this is my first blog post of the year, and I really want to start the new decade off strong. However that underlying pressure on myself has lead me to procrastinate most of the day. However I am still here writing this post because that is what I know I must do to take the action I need to.

If you believe you can get better at what you are striving for, then you will studies show.

How does it work?

First decide if the action is worth it for your goals, or figure out your goals if you don't have any. There are other posts on this site to help you with that aspect, as for today I will assume you have some sort of goal.

The brain may want the least amount of resistance, but that does not mean YOU want it. You may want to go pick up that old guitar lying around and practice, or start working out more consistently.

Simply create the new habit, and take this lesson today on choosing to learn something, then take action on it. That will become your new habit.

As they said in the past, we are what we continually are, but it goes beyond that. You must change the cognitive paradigms in your mind to manifest that into your actions.
-Dustin Miller

What is the Process?

Write down three ideas you have for a skill you want to learn (do this if you don't have something super pressing that you want/need to learn).

Take a moment and decide how long do you think this is going to take (do not let that discourage you). Or rather how much effort you can put forth daily/weekly.

You have the desire to learn this skill, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Desire equals the precursor to grit. Grit is simply the ability to keep pushing forward when you are out of fuel. Perhaps how I am today, but I am determined to make a quality piece of content for you all.


You found multitude of resources, so that you have the capacity to take massive action. Just determine what your process is for getting it done! Let this be the premium oil for your internal vehicle, the accelerator of your needs, and start of a new year for you!

Ending question:

You wanted to learn something new, and now you know how to begin!

As simple as it may seem did you like this post? I made it to give people a starting point in case they are new to everything. Do me a favor and comment below if you think it was!

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