Season Five of The Fireside Micro-PolyCast

TL:DR | Another collection of Fireside Micro-Polycast episodes. This time from Season five of the Polymath PolyCast. This one took a lot longer to wrap up, as it sort of took a back seat. However I think the uniqueness still shines!

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Season Five of The Fireside Micro-PolyCast

Once again we are at the end of a season of the Polymath PolyCast, and I like to do a round up of all of the micro-polycast episodes. That is what today's post is about, all of the various Fireside Micro-PolyCasts of Season Five.

While this season was a bit off on consistency, there was this level of depth in a lot of the topics I found to be interesting.

Just like with the Fireside Codex, the Fireside Micro PolyCast is that of my own thoughts and ideas I wanted to share. This post allows me to expand upon those ideas, or share my thought process behind the episode!

Obsessed with Progression

This is sort of a sequel to one of my older Fireside posts, that was more focused on success. However to me success occurs through progression, and by that logic one should be obsessed with PROGRESSION instead.

Given my personal trainer and swim instructor background, there has been a lot of teaching people over the years. The number one thing I care about is their safe progression. Same thing goes for myself. I am upset that I am not where I need to be, but I at least am doing the things that I need to be to some degree.

The Philosophy of Nootropics

I felt that there was too much mumbo jumbo out there around mental supplements, and how you think about them shouldn't just be "oh I need a boost".

There is a logic behind the systems of the brain, and how the supplements play into that.

Just wanted to share my Nootropic experience, and wisdom. Given that I have tried multiple dozens of them.

The PolyInnovator Phases

This is a concept I have been expanding upon quite a bit, to where after this episode I made even more content about it.

The phases concept is something I could write a book about I get so excited. Let alone sharing my plans for my own phases through PolyInnovator. There is a lot that overlap and interleave, so thus this episode was born.

The Future of Social Media Ep2

One of the first micro-episodes I ever made was around this idea of what the future of the social media platforms would be like. I had another bout of ideas that I just had to get out of me. Hence the purpose of this series.

While I didn't have enough to make a full length piece of content, there was enough unique ideas that it had to be shared in some way.

I'm really excited to start seeing the transitions as of NOW, from the old centralized platforms, to the more decentralized alternatives.

Multiple Podcasts for Different Lengths - Multiple Channels for Content Types

I do not see the podcast world adapting quickly enough. Too many people follow the same format, and it is boring. Not only that but most podCASTERS get bored themselves, and quit. They wouldn't do that if they had more variety to their output.

I believe that you should have multiple series under the same roof, that of different lengths to cater to different people. Most YouTube channels don't make content all of the same length, so why should podcasters?

It is NOT too late to Start Making Content!

Too many people think that they missed their opportunity, when the internet is just getting bigger and bigger. More opportunities await, and with the decentralized web on the horizon, there are plenty of first waves to crash there too.

I wanted to make my own Gary Vee sort of rant, about how it isn't too late. Honestly I joined pretty early in retrospect, but I felt that I was too late in some ways too like on YT.

The Season 5 Finale - A New Start

The fifth season of my show did not go the way I wanted it to go. I found that to be the case with my phases as well. Where in my head I am ahead of where I actually am.

I was hoping that now that I wasn't worried so much on the interviews (only a handful in the fifth season), that possibly I could get on a more consistent schedule.

Although it almost seemed like it made it worse, with even greater delays between episodes. I finally got around to doing more PolyInContent (formerly OmniContent) episodes. That allowed me to do sort of a clean slate, and finish off this season.

I have a ton of content planned for this year, and I really want a great season to show it all off! Hence why I ended up the fifth season with a micro-episode, so I can get to the  sixth even quicker!

That's a wrap!

Allow me to send you off with excitement for the new season starting March 1st...tomorrow!

I'm super excited to share with you all the new and improved show, and various series I do. Including the Fireside Micro PolyCast.

The plan is a PolyInContent episode around the Polycast, releasing the next interview or two, and then doing a micro episode. From there I'll be able to start doing the NEW interview series where people come back onto the show!!

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