Quit College and Make a Modular Degree

TL:DR | Finding out your why is crucial when deciding whether to go to college or not. If you're already in college/university, then deciding whether or not it is worth staying in it.

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Quit College and Make a Modular Degree

Now this post isn't for everyone, and probably is only going to apply to a handful of you out there. However I try to make content for as many people as I can. Not to mention you in particular are one of the biggest reasons why I created the Modular Degree in the first place.

Now I chose not to go to college, despite the fact that everyone and their mother (often literally) would tell me to go. For me I knew it wasn't going to be the right path.

However not everyone is that lucky in that regard. Either you don't know what you want to do, or the pressure from everyone around you got the better of you. In either case there's no shame in that, but that is why I made this post today. So that you can climb back out of the social pressure. I want you to drop out, no not that person, not your friend, not your cousin, YOU.

You seem to have found your way to this post for a reason, so let's continue.

Here is another POV on why you should drop out:

Societal Pressure isn't going to be what gets you success in the first place

If you follow what path society sets before you, then you are just one member in a large herd. Now there are some great things when it comes to the tribe mentality, and we need tribes to be healthy humans.

However that tribe doesn't have to be the majority, it can be fellow creators, entrepreneurs, or even business partners.

You don't even have to go the whole business route either. You can start out by learning a skill on your own pace, so generally far more quickly, and then use that skill to get a job in that field. While your peers are still finishing their years at school.

Following the majority's push towards an education does not mean you actually learn.

You need to choose who YOU want to be

I can tell you that I do not regret whatsoever choosing to work on PolyInnovator, the United Living Construct, and my own Modegree right after high school. I chose to work and create, and most importantly learn as much as I could. Instead of getting a four year degree.

To this day I still get people (often the older crowd) telling me that I should go back to school. Little did they realize I learned more in a year than most people do in all four years of schooling for general degrees.

If you're wanting to be highly specialized, then honestly I'd say do a Modegree on top of a traditional one. You want to be the best doctor in the world, or you need to pass the bar. Sure go get a degree, it won't be easy, but it is what YOU need to do.

If you just want a piece of paper saying you went to a school, and it isn't really what you want. Rather it is what your parents want for you. Then don't waste your time and money on something so trivial.

Is traditional learning going to get you where you want to go?

Now when you are answering that question are you answering because of what YOU know; Or are you answering from the "knowledge" that you received from other people over time?

That is not to say that those people WERE right, perhaps a couple decades ago, maybe even just 10 years ago. However it is no longer that simple, and only you know what you truly want out of life. Perhaps even you don't, but college is too expensive of a venture to find out in.

As Alex said in the video above, there is an opportunity cost to college. Is the learning or piece of paper you're going to get there really going to be worth the time? That is not to say it isn't, but is it worth the sacrifice of time that could have been spent on something else that is far more lucrative?

Look I'm not selling you a high ticket course like Dan Lok, or some other guru. I just want you to make the right decision.

How to switch to a Modegree

Really you can't tell people. They aren't going to get it, at least not at first. Tell them you decided to pursue your own self-education because you aren't getting enough in school. They might respect your hustle in that regard, but honestly who cares about what they think.

You need to learn a high income skill, or at the very least the skills you need to accomplish the goals or projects you set out to do.

The Modular Degree is a system that allows you to add any sort of educational material online into a database of your learning. You then organize it into chunks, which can be similar to traditional degree style sprints if you like, or in any way that fits you best.

Go out and make your own degree!

Download/Duplicate the Template Here:

Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator - Modular Degree NOTION Template
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