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TL:DR | A documentation page to explain the ins and outs of TeleInnovator (PolyInnovator Videos) in more detail.

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PolyInnovator Videos TeleInnovator

Creating these videos actually took me a long time to get used to recording. Unsurprisingly however I grew to love it, as it gave me an opportunity to share more knowledge. Thus giving me another medium to create more content with.

Over the past couple years the changes to the video style, goals, and direction have changed. As any good channel probably should really, and the real kicker is the polymathy angle.

Since the whole theme of PolyInnovator is to become a polymath at some point, then the channel should reflect that. With divergent topics/videos, evolutions, and changes to the "norm" around how channels should operate.

For example when most channels have a series or type of show they want to make, instead of just adding to the roster of content on their main channel, they often create a 2nd or 3rd one. Linus Tech Tips is a prime example, where they spawned off 4+ other great channels.

Personally I think that is a bad idea for my work, as there is always the layer of it is my journey. So all of the content have that angle, but also the more videos that are on the channel allow for more points of entry for people to fall in love with the content. Sure it takes an SEO hit when the platform can't decide what category to put the channel in, but it is more true to the ethos of PolyInnovator.

The ethos behind the Omnicontent (one of the main series), is to systematize the ability to be omnichannel, or multichannel at the least with distribution. Starting off with a blog post, then a slideshow (tentative), using both to create a video, and then cutting the audio to make a PolyCast. It really simplifies the multi-content type creation, and allows for a singular person or small team to create much more in the long run.

Meaning distribution is key component to the channels. Since there are so many sites to be on, and deciding whether or not you should or shouldn't is a grey area. I take the polymathic approach and try to be everywhere. Having learned many of the platforms ways and algorithms over the years.

Video Platforms

Various channels that either get the OmniContent, their own series, or both.

These two first ones are geared towards the one size fits all approach, where most of the content I create will fall into those platforms.

DTube is a community powered video sharing platform where users vote on videos to reward creators, curators, influencers and viewers in cryptocurrency
Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator
I am an aspiring #polymath, someone who is an expert in many different areas. This is a channel for PolyInnovator, or just simply what I call my online presence/personal brand. I created PolyInnovator as a foundational means to build out the various careers I want out of life. If you love the idea o…

Vertical Videos:

These sometimes take a different take on the content series I put out.


Dustin Miller, Future Polymath (@polyinnovator) • Instagram photos and videos
🧠#PolyInnovator #Polymath of #Innovation🎙️Host of #ThePolymathPolyCast🎥#OmniContent Creator & of the Modular #Education Framework 🎓

Facebook Watch

PolyInnovator. 51 likes · 2 talking about this. On a mission to create a Modular Education Platform; I am an aspiring #polymath, someone who is an expert in many different areas. I created...

To be completely honest I don't pursue Facebook as a creator, at least not in this moment, as the literal only two reasons I am on there are:

Instagram is owned by FB, and I want to have full control over my Instagram account.

repurpose.io one of my favorite content repurposing tools requires FB for making micro content. (Note the link is an affiliate link, simply because I love the work they're doing).

The streaming aspect is something I'm still digging into, as where I want to take is going to evolve of course the more I get used to it. One thing I have in mind that I've already done a bit, is video game streaming.

Games have always been a big part of my life, and I feel that many people can learn a lot from playing. There is also some interesting ideas that I haven't seen done much on streaming platforms, that I would like to do such as with modding games or emulated ones.

If gaming isn't your thing, then that is no problem, simply stay along for the content you decided to subscribe for!

Streaming Platforms

Taking a cue from PolyInnovator Gaming, I will be starting to stream videos, that could be for any number of subjects.

YouTube Live


Facebook Live



These various channels will more than likely hold the same content, unlike the TeleInnovator channels above. Simply because the multi-streaming tools make it simple to simultaneously stream to each of them at once.

Do note that beyond gaming I think I would be streaming educational content, and maybe even a LIVE version of the #polycast as well!

After all of that there is surely plenty for you to explore, and this page is a documentation post. Meaning it is subject ot change over time.

NOW Page #5 Dec 2020
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NOW Page #5 Dec 2020

A bit longer than the previous Vlogs, but I think there are more things to discuss this time around. Considering the big changes coming to PolyInnovator.

The Various PolyCasts
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The Various PolyCasts

PolyCast = Polymath Podcast or PolyInnovator Podcast. Once again taking the jack of all trades approach to the content medium. I want to avoid niche-ing down, as I felt that it wouldn't be aligned with the PolyInnovator Ethos. Many topics, many types of guests, and many series!

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