PolyInnovator the Digital Polymath

TL:DR | A digital polymath renaissance, with PolyInnovator at the helm. Pioneering into a new age for the world.

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PolyInnovator the Digital Polymath

We have reached a point of humanity where our advancements are either exponentially increasing, or slowing down because we have found most of what can be found.

Granted that latter part is simply because something hasn't massively disrupted our knowledge as a collective yet. For example when we discovered atoms, it shed a whole new light on Biology.

The world we live in now is a digital one, and the more we can make use of our new environment then the better!

What is a Polymath?

It is someone who has an interest and deep level of skill in many areas of life. Not confined down to one niche or trade, and curious enough to have many areas of learning.

What is a Polymath?
Here is a video relation to this post, as well as the PolyCast! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A master of one, or a master of many?What drives you to do the things you do in your life?What if I were to tell you that the whole world has been lyiโ€ฆ

An extreme case could be Leonardo Da Vinci who was extremely well versed in many areas, whereas you could look at Bill Gates today as a modern polymath. Perhaps not deep into specialties, but certainly worth noting.

The Innovation Field

Someone could say that polymaths are inherently innovative, so why the extra layer? Well polymaths of all ilks are just that, different, and PolyInnovator is geared towards the future.

My dream when designing the PolyInnovator concept was to work in Smart City development. First by innovating the education space, and opening up people's minds to the new digital learning experience. Innovating the ideology along with technology.

The Digital Frontier

The technology development of learning many subjects, is what most people would assume to be the tech aspect behind a digital polymath. Sure a polymath coder would be interesting, and most programmers need to learn multiple kinds of coding. However it is various aspects of the digital experience, from the desktop to mobile, to tablet, to game console.

The digital natives can find a new device, and often be able to use it pretty quickly. Give me a device I've never seen before, and I'll be using it in five minutes or less. Granted I'm a quick learner, but it is all about understanding the overarching similarities between technologies.

There are principles at play that most software and hardware developers use, and once you know them they can always be applied.

This expands into the social frontier, with social networking, as well as content creation. This is why I pursued this path, and although I've had a lack of progress per se up until this point. It was all prepping me for where I'll be next, and learning how to master the online media. The more I do the better I get, and I see the holistic view. In which case the marco lens that takes a polymathic outlook to see, is that of an omnichannel experience.

Most creators are solely being on one platform, and are told to "specialize" or "niche down". When in actuality they are a mutlidisciplinary person, and will thrive once they realize that they can do more than one thing.

I'm determined to prove that I can create 100 pieces of content a day, across a vast amount of platforms, and be an omnichannel content creator. A Polymath Content Creator.

"Bioneering" Life and Pioneering a New Frontier

Part of the inception of this post was inspired by Adam Sinicki's post/video.

The Digital Polymath - Absorbing the Web With Accelerated Learning Techniques - The Bioneer
The time is right for the return of the polymath. The web makes it easier than ever for us to become highly skills in multiple different fields, and that the current jobs market makes this more viable than ever. Learn to become a digital polymath using the web and accelerated learning techniques.

Where he goes into the idea of a new age renaissance, and how in this time period you do not need to master an area to make contributions to it. Polymaths are those who are deeply versed in many areas, one could say top 40 or even 25%, however you don't need true 1% mastery to make a difference.

A PolyInnovator is that for the modern era, and building upon the previous incarnations. Taking into account the digital age, and building oneself with the advantages of those who came before.

This is one reason why I pursued the personal brand development, for I was curious about what could be done as a solopreneur. What are the possibilities?

The Future of Society
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The Future of Society

We need to realize we are all one race, on one world. That is the key to humanityโ€™s success, and we will go no where until that happens. The fact that it hasnโ€™t happened yet with the rise of technology is astonishing.

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