PolyInnovator Modular Degree

TL:DR | Documentation on how the Modegree aims to work, and what it does for you. Especially for polymaths, but literally anyone!

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PolyInnovator Modular Degree

This is a documentation, and explanation post to go more in detail around the new age learning modality.

The Mod Degree is a Self-Education endeavor meant to be the ultimate learning experience for a person. What that means is that it is curated to YOUR needs, and you are no longer beholden to a standard of people.

A degree is meant to bestow upon you knowledge you need for accomplishing a certain goal. Either that is your dissertation, diploma, knowledge for a specific job, etc. However just because the goal may be the same as the person next to you, that does not mean you will learn the same things, let alone at the same speed.

Some subjects may come easy to you, and hard to the other person, and vice versa. Each person is unique, why shouldn't our learning be too?

Now I really believe down the line artificial intelligence will play a major hand in the operations of this Modular Degree. There is some at play in places like Singapore, with student's education being adapted to their needs.

However since this whole process and idea is so new, there is a lot to be done before the efficiency is effective. I believe that the Modular Degree in its conception, as well as practice, will lay the ground work for the rise of this Modular Education.

For more information: https://polyinnovator.space/modular-degree/

The Mod Degree as Framework

Since you are reading this I presume you have either heard of the Modular Degree on this site before, or maybe even started to attempt your own. Cheers to you! We are pioneers on this endeavor, which means there isn't much information to go off of in our journeys. Of course nearly every single successful person in history attributes their success to self-edu in some shape or form. Meaning there is always something to be learned from them, but that doesn't give you the tools or framework to work off of. That is where I come in, and particularly my courses and books.

I am hoping that I can give you the legs to stand on, to build your own degree. I don't see this as some one off campaign like a traditional learning experience. Quite the opposite in fact because learning is meant to be a lifelong endeavor. Our brains stop functioning after prolonged lapses of lacking stimuli. Many scientists believe that it is one of the major causes of Alzheimer's and Dementia because patients hadn't stimulated their brains enough to generate neurogenesis or stimulate their neuroplasticity.

If we approach our degrees in a modular fashion, then they can be changed over time. If for twenty years you wanted to go for a certain career, but decided to change it later. Then the overlapping knowledge areas, can then be applied to the new career choice you aim towards.

This is why the framework is important, to allow for some Universal Learning Points system, and accreditation. Allowing for students of all ages, and degrees, to be able to expand their horizons even more!

What is it?

In a simple explanation it is a tool that people can use to create their own self-education pathway. Organizing their learning materials and resources into a central hub, and then curate the order of operations.

Whether that is self-curating, AI assisted, or mentor assisted, is to be determined. However most likely the first two for sure, and the self-curate option from the beginning. Dustin M. PolyInnovator is able to help as well for the beta testers.

The Modular Education Platform or Modegree Platform (final name not decided at this time), would be the technical application that you could use to build out your degree planning.

Despite the fact the word degree is being used, that doesn't mean it is a college. In fact unless you plan around getting micro-credentials, Clep tests, or building a portfolio/personal brand to prove your knowledge. Then you won't have any accreditation at this time.

This is meant to ideally replace the current systems of college, and so the point is not to go into a college degree. Although some people may want to do that, so the option is pointed out as available.

The goal however is to create a system that can organize all your learning into a flow that suits you best. Gets you into the Flow state more often, maximize retention and memory, as well as create chances for interdisciplinary/transcontextual thinking.

One last thing, for those of the polymathic variety, this Modegree system is perfect for the multidisciplinary learning you already employ on your own. Versus a traditional education where you feel confined to one way.

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