PolyInnovator (Definition)

TL:DR | From a concept to a personal brand, and even an inspiration to multidisciplinary people. The online ecosystem of PolyInnovator is vast, and here is how it is defined.

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PolyInnovator (Definition)
PolyInnovator (Definition)

First and foremost the PolyInnovator concept comes from the idea of a Polymath of Innovation. It started as a personal brand for Dustin Miller, and is just a modern or digital based Polymath. A "niched" polymath if you will.

Those being more innovation oriented, i.e. innovation consulting, project management, sustainability, smart cities, technology, etc. As well as being either journeyman or master level in three or more of those said areas. As a polymath is in a basic sense a master of multiple areas. Given that conclusion, a Polymath of Innovation should be a master of innovation fields.

The concept derived from the idea of a PolyULCian, which is a whole another idea on mastering multiple areas. Those being Leadership, Unification, and Creating. Originating from the United Living Construct, an innovation hub of sorts. The PolyULCian was the amalgamation of all three circles of the U.L.C.: Uniters, Leaders, and Creators.

This concept of three circles was to balance out the process of change development, and to exemplify the #MAKEACHANGE ideal that PolyInnovator stands by.

All in all as time goes on there will be more information to fill this document, and how to become a PolyInnovator yourself.

What does it mean as a brand?

The goal is to take into account the polymathic approach to life, and the various endeavors within the PolyInnovator Ecosystem. Not simply confining to one niche, and exploring the interesting endeavors of the phases.


A way of explaining the evolving personal brand, and shifting the focus onto a new topic. Currently it is about building a baseline of polymathy content, and building up that space. Concurrently as well to build a Modular Education Platform with the Modegree.

Let's see how PolyInnovator is defined over time, and what good things can come from the journey!

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