PolyInnovator Academy

TL:DR | The academy is based around being able to maximize your own Self-Education. Even if the course is geared towards some other subject, there is that underlying understanding that for you to maximize your retention of the knowledge; That you need to understand the basics of HOW to LEARN.

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PolyInnovator Academy

The name of the online school for Self-EduDevMent, and all that entails.

There are a substantial amount of things that I want to teach all of you through this online learning medium. Here is a list of courses I have intentions to create, so that you get a little sneak peak!

More than just Self-Education

The subject matter varies pretty greatly. Anywhere from business, to innovation, to learning, and to physical exercise / development.

All of these are areas I am well versed in, or I am learning now to be well versed in later when I create the course. The point of this personal brand beyond the #MAKEACHANGE ideal, is to document my journey through those subject matters. Currently since I am spending a lot of time learning, the main documentation that you are seeing is the Self-Education front. Mainly through my Modular Degree.

In the future I aim to create more content based around Innovation (where the Poly-Innovator name originates), or through business (as I have always been a social entrepreneur at heart).

You will be able to learn all that I can teach you through these courses, at least hopefully! It does come down to how open your mind is to the knowledge! As well as the quality put forth by me, which will be immense!!

The Impact of the Polyinnovator Academy On YOU

The Importance of this Academy

Why, you should join! Overall the main reason is that the world of education is changing. You cannot foresee what the future will hold, and hope the market will stay on the rise. In most futurist’s views the market is headed into bear standings. Meaning a recession is about to hit, and you will want to on top of that standing.

You do so by increasing your own worth, your value contribution, and overall profitability in those market conditions. Regardless if you are an employee, employer, or entrepreneur.

The PolyInnovator Academy was built to teach you the fundamentals, and advanced ideology, for pursuing your own Self-Education. That education is something we can see has brought us the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Elon Musk, and many others. They all contribute their success to being able to learn themselves.

Your Self-Education

Is not something to take lightly, for it can have a more profound impact than years upon years of traditional education. Maximizing your potential for growth comes down to your mindset, skills, and systems. All of which are built by what you do, however with Self-Edu you can cultivate it in a much more direct manner. Spending your time more focused, as well as more geared to your liking.


There is nothing more detrimental than a closed mindset. The second to worst is having a reactive mindset. One where when someone tells you something you react. Although I tell this to you, it is rather somewhat natural to have them. However if you ever want to have any sort of success you must grow past our shortcomings.


Skills are the backbone of your employment, and that includes entrepreneurs. If not more so!

You need to have as many skills as you can manage to really be successful in the modern age. There are to many other people in your level that have one or more skills that you, for you to be complacent about your skill acquisition. One thing I lean towards is having a wide range, but only a few deep skills. This polymathic tendency gives me the power of interdisciplinary thinking.


Unlike habits, systems have a bit more of a foundational setting. Giving way for habits to be built upon them. For example I have a self-development system in place to where when I want to improve something I choose to do it. Then as if the universe conspires with me, lol, it becomes a habit. Purely due to my innate desire to improve. At the beginning of 2018 I had an Author, Gary Vaynerchuk, whom I wanted to read. I told myself I was to read all of his previous books until his new one came out that end of January.

Although I didn’t quite get all of them done in that time, I had finished three books in those short weeks, which all that reading came from nothing. At this point I have read 4 out of 5, and I'm half way through the fifth. I'll certainly drop the cash on his next one too.


What the Pilot Course is About! (ETA TBA)

The Pilot course is on the matter of creating YOUR own MODULAR DEGREE. Which is a curated learning experience, of which you create. If you dream it, then you can learn it. It is about time someone maximizes the potential of learning from the online age!

Now since there is so much to go over in the Degree process, and since its also not an official Degree transcript. It does act differently. Meaning you have to treat the same if not more important, which for some people that mindset is hard to cultivate.

There are a LOT of opportunities for credit acquisition as well, from CLEP tests, to Microcredentials. Truly finding the best path is something of self exploration, but I’m always willing to help!

This is why you must take it so seriously, for if you don't then who will? I am working on ways to make Mod Degrees more understood, but until then you have to be dedicated to your life's work!

The Main Course After…

The main theme of the PolyInnovator Brand is that of building your “Modular Degree” and Innovation Development.

It would not be wise to make the course on building your own degree to be small. There will be an advanced course as well, but that doesn’t mean that the pilot will have anything left out. Just that there is so much to go over that the pilot can’t fit it all. Think of it like the pilot being getting started, building it up, and start to learn. The Advanced is keeping up with it, restructuring, trimming the fat, and maximizing your learning (so I include various methods and techniques). Stuff that wouldn’t be suited for Beginners anyways.

I also have two other courses planned, as they fit into the topic well, and really need their own course to talk about them. They are: “Building Skill Trees” which is for course creators and students alike, & a “PolyInnovator Course” where we talk about “Self-Development, Self-Improvement, Self-Education, and how they all connect”. The latter is really important, but we can’t combine that with other courses due to time constraints. I’m already worried how long these courses will be!

That last course will be a skill-tree course as well, which means you can choose which of the three you want to learn first!

Basically the Mini Course comes first, prepares you for the basics of the Modular Degree, gets you in the right mindset, and helps orient yourself for the Autodidactic life. Meaning self-learner, and how that is different from traditional learning. P.S. Its much more powerful learning!

Look forward to the Modular Education Platform!

Note: This post was made before the transition to the new ecosystem of sorts for PolyInnovator. I revamped it knowing that a lot of it I still want to send out, and I already have the self-education mini course ready to go again. Then we can proceed to the other courses.

After the initial releases of my courses, as well as basic templates to be an MVP of the Modegree for people to use I'll be building a platform for the new age education system. At that point the courses will be on that platform, with skill tree based learning in mind.

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