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Welcome, the Polymath Polycast is a unique multi-series show. The interviews in particular, which is why you're here, are also unique in their way as well. We record both audio and video, with the length varying episode to episode. This is because in some conversations the tangents or ideas that come from the conversation may come out only after talking for a while.

In other words the interview lasts as long as it needs to, or as long as you are able to, as I do greatly respect your time!

I'm enchanted to have you!

If youโ€™ve made it this far, then you have begun the process of being a guest on the Polymath PolyCast! Please watch the video at the top, as it was made to get you started!

I highly encourage you to check out some of ย my content, and get to know PolyInnovator (my personal brand), as well as the Polymath PolyCast as a whole. It is more than just interviews.

In fact there are short, medium, and longform content types. If youโ€™re here for an interview, then obviously that is going to be the longform!

There is the Fireside Micro-PolyCast, as little short form episodes. Neat ideas, or news updates.

As for the medium length, there are two types you will see. One will be my main series the OmniContent, and the other will be a basic PolyCast. Those happen to be rare, such as the season 2 finale was one.

Knowing this would help you be the best guest you can be on the show. Note: A PolyCast is an audio format content type, used as a term in replacement of Podcast. Ask me why!

Don't call it a podcast!

Speaking of which if you are not familiar with the term Polymath, which is totally okay, then you can check out this glossary page I made for you!

These are definitions for various terms you may hear on the show!

Here are ย a few Micro-PolyCast episodes I made to help you prepare!

How it Works: The Polymath PolyCast Interview

The PolyInnovator Way of Interviewing Guests

What is PolyInnovator?

You don't have to listen to them all of course, but if you have the time they are short!

About The show

I encourage you to take a listen to at least one episode, whether it is the micro or interview, or preferably both. Youโ€™ll get a greater understanding of the audience, subjects, and if you listen to an interview then the format. I go for a more conversational interview, where tangents are encourage, but so is being concise if we are on a time limit.

I want to give you an awesome, and YOUnique experience. What I mean by that is most shows focus on one area of your life, and maybe throw a hobby in there for good measure. I pride myself in my research abilities, and have been complimented many times on how sincere I am by the curiosity of the questions. I want your experience on the show to be unique, and to exemplify your polymathic self.

-Dustin M. PolyInnovator

Take a listen


Here is what to know!

Between this page, checking out older episodes, the email I'll send to you, and just our actual talk itself I think you are going to be fully prepared for the show. Even if you don't feel that way! The reason being is that there isn't much pressure on this show, if you make a mistake we can rerecord. If you are nervous I'll try to slow down. I have done shows with people of which the PolyCast was their first interview ever, and I have done shows with people who have done countless interviews.

It doesn't matter which, I am here for you as a host, and I want to make it a great experience for you.

If you are reading this far then there are a few things to note:

Firstly, try to be careful about how many ums or uhs you say, those get distracting when listening to a show. It is funny however by me mentioning it, then it may make you think about it more and do it. Just remember it is MUCH easier to cut out a pause if you are thinking, than an ummmmm.

Secondly, we will most likely be using riverside.fm a fantastic recording tool. It records on both ends full audio and video. Unlike other tools that either compress the quality, or only do audio. It was the first tool to do both, let alone well, and so if we get disconnected or something like that they have thought of that. Essentially things get saved onto your pc, and then uploaded at the end so we don't have to worry about losing our interview.

You do however have to use Chrome for it to work properly, and it is best to use headphones if you can!

Finally, this is an interview about you, and all of the various aspects about your life. I like to go into your Ikigai, and finding what that is if you haven't already. I can't make any gaurantees that will find it haha, but touching on each part of your life weaves a really interesting story I've found. YOUR STORY. Then like magic it all comes back full circle in the end.

Given the wide amount of things you could be interested in, the interview itself could be long. I go for as long as you are having fun, and have more to talk about.

Cheers. -Dustin M. PolyInnovator

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