Pillar Content, Atomic Content, Micro Content, and Sharing Content

TL:DR | What is repurposing if not changing the form of content already made? Well how does that content get made, shared, and what is it made of?

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Pillar Content, Atomic Content, Micro Content, and Sharing Content

What the hell am I talking about here?

These are the terms I reasoned needed to be explained.. together. Many posts have had this idea of Pillar content or micro content on their own. However none of them in one piece to share how they relate to each other.

Why is this important to understand?

It all starts with the Pillar Content post, some medium to large sized piece of content, that then can be distributed in a few ways across platforms.

Next we have the Micro Content, which is the smaller chopped up bits from a big Pillar piece. Do note however that you can make Micro content on its own.

From there we look how how we syndicate or Share Content. You would be surprised to know that you made that Pillar piece or micro piece, but did you know it doesn't just have one home?

Lastly, and probably this is the first time you've heard of it: Atomic Content. Atoms make up the universe, and thus was my inspiration behind what I call Atomic content. This is what the CONTENT is made up of, such as is it VIDEO? AUDIO? WRITTEN?

How do they fit into each other?

You choose your Atomic type, i.e. video, blog post, or podcast. Then you create a Pillar piece, and share it. From it you can chop up into micro content like clips or images, and once again share it (perhaps in more places than you currently think).

This cycle repeats and repeats. One interesting fact about repurposing, is that like Alchemy you can transform your Pillar content into other types as well. Turning a blog post into a video, or into a podcast, and vice versa.

Highlighted Tool of the Week: Tubespanner

This tool came across my screen today, and I wanted to share it with you.

I haven't used it much myself, but a recent guest on the PolyInContent Creator Spotlight mentioned how much it can do for you as a creator. :D

Made by creators, for creators

🥡 Takeaways

I just wanted you to get a picture of how the tree of content flows. Or perhaps river is a better analogy. Anyways.

The point is that you must think of it based on what it makes up, how it can break, but also how it comes together too. It is like lego in a way!

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