Our Future with Global Climate Change

TL:DR | Climate Change by Humanity is a Monumental Threat In the world there is a massive deception going around to the public that seem to think that there is no climate change. There is, and it is becoming a bigger problem every year.

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Our Future with Global Climate Change

Massive changes to the Earth’s ecosystem is causing animals to die out, all at an extinction level event. The natural order of disasters is getting thrown off course. Leading us to wonder if places like Yellowstone are going to erupt at any moment. If a super-volcano like that were to erupt we would have no level of defense. The world is constantly heating up due to the trapped emissions we cause with the natural world. Yes we are not the only contributes, but no we are the biggest with about 95% of blame.

This is because of us humans!

We need to change our course of actions to match the level of degeneration of our planet. The world is floundered by the great challenge ahead, and they choose to ignore. It will not go away, really nothing of any magnitude goes away, so the even thought of ignoring something is completely illogical.

There is a need for people to stand up to

the feeble minded deniers, and make a stand for what is right! Challenge the threat ahead!

Pathways for Change

We have the ability RIGHT NOW to #MAKEACHANGE, but given enough waiting and we will no longer even have that. The isolation of the problems right now are what gives us a fighting chance. Once all of the issues start to form one massive change to the planet, which is going to be sooner than you think, it will be too late.

We can tackle each issue on their own, all at once. That is the key there it has to be a multi front assault if you will. From the carbon emissions of our technology, to the large amount of animals we raise to feed on. We do not need all of that meat, it is not fully healthy to be eating so much. We are not hunter gatherers anymore, our diets have changed. There will be some of fear life without meat, there are alternatives to look forward to, and it will be a process not going cold turkey. No pun intended.

From there we can change the ecosystem by relocating endangered animals to slightly safer environments. The zoos of the world fail at keeping animals happy, and it would be a shame if they got their hands on these poor creatures. If there is some human made enclosure that would help them then that is great. Otherwise a natural location is best.

Even more so taking on the energy crisis we are going to face in the near future is going to a great challenge, but it is something that we have been working towards for a while in shadows. There are people like Elon Musk, Al Gore, and many others who have seen this coming. They started to #MAKEACHANGE!

The United Living Construct’s Outline

Projected growth for humanity leaves us at a difficult spot to decide on how the world is going to change. It is not certain that our governments even really want to change anything for the better, as it would decrease profits from the capitalistic society quite a lot. Ironically though if they could be patient: the jobs, the future, and the world would be much more conducive for their ideology once it’s saved.

The rise in global temperatures is only the beginning, we need to establish a method of dealing with all of these different problems together. This is where the United Living Construct comes in, as a hub for innovative minds, without any ties to old established mindsets. We can focus purely on the future, creating a world driven for change. The already elaborate plan is being in development right now.

The world must come together at some point, but in the meantime before that happens fully. There needs to be a convergence of the like-minded individuals who feel that they can actually make a change. Those people, are all of you, the innovators of the world. If were to come together a newfound approach for the world would form. There could even be a new way of life created, just because of this, in fact it is almost a given.

The plan of the U.L.C. is to before we do anything else, bring people together in order to make massive change. There is quite the history of people coming together for the greater good, all over the history books. This is going to one of those moments.

You can make a difference, come join us, and we can do it together!! -Dustin, PolyInnovator

World Degeneration
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World Degeneration

This Phoenix of a world that we live on is quite the beauty. Let's see how we turn out if we don't #makeachange!

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