NOW 2022: Yearly Re/Pre-view

TL:DR | In the Supra layer of the PIOS I use the template to review the past year, while planning for the next one. Here is my first attempt at doing this. Last year I wasn't able to get it done in time, but I won't make that mistake this year!

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I’m grateful for my family. I realized young that spending time with loved ones is a key part of life.

My roommate, our dynamic allows for little conflict, happy times watching and eating together, and he has been super kind/helpful about rent since I have been making so little.

Macro: Quarterly Review

Since I did not do the reviews each quarter I am doing it at the end of the year.


Four Pillars (Areas of Life and Life Lessons)

At this point I was managing the last little bit of my interviews, and I also wanted to start up the OmniContent again. I was feeling the early stages of burnout. Also I had recently quit teaching in the pool, which was a big change for me.

Modular Degree (New things learned)

Not a whole lot during this time, as I was mainly playing catch up.

Habit Check

Failed to do journalling, and exercise was scattered in the year. Did too much heavy stuff, and not enough muscle groups.

Personal Brand Review Check

I lacked consistency, but I do feel that there was a lot of depth in the content I did make. It seems that there were a lot of polypro posts in the works in the first two quarters of the year. I did file my LLC and made all of my business related accounts.


Four Pillars (Areas of Life and Life Lessons)

This was around the start of the Summer, and I had a lot of feelings of longing for my classes. Not only cause I missed my clients, but also the feeling of normalcy from teaching regularly.

While I like change and innovation, there usually has to be at least one layer in my life of “same-ness”, and I had lost all of my layers at this point.

Modular Degree (New things learned)

Spent a lot of time with philosophy this year, and had also played around with a lot of software. From website tools to livestream tools.

Habit Check

Exercise seemed to be on the rise, but quickly fell off at the end of the quarter.

Personal Brand Review Check


Content and Bullet Journal Check

Started to get in the habit of things, but I was still struggling with the elusive “30 posts” that I  had terrorizing me all year.


Four Pillars (Areas of Life and Life Lessons)

July was a whirlwind for me. Not just because of a romantic connection coming and going, but also from the job that I had gotten. 3 out of 4 of my Pillars were out of whack, and it took the meditation and philosophy from the Spirit pillar to bring me back.

I realized I could rely on stoicism and taoism when I was in need, and the wisdom there would be able to guide me. I had a practical experience with them when having mini panic attacks.

Modular Degree (New things learned)

It was around this time that I was digging into how to make my Modegree template better, and so I stopped learning as much to focus on that. Or I learned about making Notion templates too.

Habit Check

Workouts were sparse in the gym, but I did work out in the pool quite a bit over the summer.

No meditation habits this year, but I did spend some time doing it this season.

Personal Brand Review Check

Revamped how the brand looks, and consistently had been updating my website to follow suit. FInding new ways to spice it up, and add more features.

Content and Bullet Journal Check

Content started getting a bit more regular towards the end of the quarter which is good.


Four Pillars (Areas of Life and Life Lessons)

Body wise I feel a bit too fat for my liking still, but stronger than I have been in a year and half. Seriously I can pick up most people with rather ease, doing hanging crunches, benching a new max.

Mind, I am stimulated quite often, and trying out new things. Really trying at this very moment to learn to program again so that I can make a video game.

Spirit, while not as active of a pillar as it was in the Summer or Q3. There was a time spent around halloween working at the SPIRIT store ironically. Lot of life lessons I had there just by being in a different environment.

Emotions, I find that I am pretty regulated until a certain point. While in the past I would get hyper at that point, there wouldn’t be a panic or level of upset. Just excitement from the new stimuli or stress. However since the July roller coaster of emotion I had this year, there has been hints of panic or anxiety that I hadn’t faced before.

Modular Degree (New things learned)

I’ve been finally adding more to my degree recently, and spending a chunk of time learning. From chatGPT to programming and CS50. I’m getting back into gear of learning. This year was far on the side of creating rather than learning. So I hope next year is more balanced.

Habit Check

While not consistent, I have been able to GET myself to go to the gym. Literally make myself go out of my way to do it.

I think my work habits are in order too, while a bit too loose for my liking.  At least I am still doing them.

Personal Brand Review Check

The phases fiasco that is going to be next year is going to make things a bit difficult, but I am ending off the year strong at least. From creating my Pensight page of courses and coaching bundles. There are a lot of monetization opportunities next year.

Content and Bullet Journal Check

Content wise I have this yearly review thing to make and finish my PIOS blog post piece. I’ll be done with every piece of content I set out to achieve this year and more. There were a few pieces I sent off to the ideas pile instead of making them, but that was more of trimming the fat than anything else.

Ikigai Check

  • [x]  Are you doing what you love?
  • [ ]  Are you doing what you’re good at?
  • [x]  Are you doing something that the world needs?
  • [ ]  Are you doing stuff just to get paid?

Getting out of comfort zone

List three examples of going out of your comfort zone:

  1. Go to three new bar locations to try out different scenes.
  2. Travel to another state to explore a new city. Probably Austin.
  3. Start livestreaming.

How well did I accomplish goals and projects?

While the projects saw a push in progression, I think I failed all three of my goals. One of which was to post 60 days of content daily. While I didn’t do that, there was at least one piece of content a week all year, and honestly I got pretty close to daily many months.

Planning Manifestation for Future

What is the ideal theme of the next year?

Poly- PHASE-ic, a pun on the polyphasic sleep cycle system, as with PolyInnovator I have my phases. I think next year is a juggling year. Where I have to forego the 80/20 rule. Honestly it feels like it is going to have to be 60/10/10/10/10 in all seriousness because I have to bring multiple niches forward in progress.

What are the goals you wish to accomplish?

Release the PIOS Template early in the year

Post 5 tiktoks/shorts/reels of gaming content a day for 45 days

Get to 1000 YT Subscribers

What are the big projects needing to get done?

Personal Training Clients

Notion Templates

Modegree System

What phase of PolyInnovator are you in?

1 - Modular Education
2 - PolyCast Interviews
3 - PolyInnovator Gaming
4 - PolyInContent and Repurposing

NOW Page #30 Jan 2023
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NOW Page #30 Jan 2023

Out with the old, and in with the new. Forego your new year's resolution, and make an actual plan for this year. I got content planned for almost every day for the first half, and I am going to re-strategize half way in the year.

Chapter Two: Be the Main Character
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Chapter Two: Be the Main Character

The main message of this piece is that you are in control of your own life and can choose your own path. This involves recognizing the strings that are pulling you in different directions and looking for patterns and synchronicities in order to guide your actions.

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