NOW Page #9 April 2021

TL:DR | We are approaching the time last year where we entered the quarantine. Oh how times have somewhat changed. Here is what is happening this coming month!

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During these NOW updates I have always been as honest as I can be, for if you are reading/watching them then you'll probably appreciate that. I think that is key for these to work, and whether that makes you closer to me, or I look over these on my death bed 80yrs from now. There is a great potential that excites me.

The problems I have been facing are things that can be solved, and so there shouldn't be a reason to stress. Although I am, and that has made things difficult.

I'm stressed about not letting down my guests, I'm stressed about making enough income to pay bills, and I'm stressed about creating more content. Especially the OmniContent, that I have literally been putting off for a year.

So here is what I am doing about it...

What am I doing... NOW? April 2021

Whether it is approaching burnout, or doing too much in a week, there is a balance that should be maintained. I strive to make sure I take care of myself when I need to, and allow myself to take breaks if I am overwhelmed.

As of late I have been trying to do 2-3 interviews out a week, and that is really hard for me. The editing process in particular is the hardest part, and I can't afford yet to outsource it. Some weeks I have been a day or so late, or skipped the 3rd release. Purely to make sure I don't go insane, and honestly because sometimes I'm procrastinating.

However I promise you this, every guest is getting out, that is something I am 100% determined on.

In other aspects of my PolyInnovator life, I have been completely reworking the Notion PolyInnovation OS, which is my alternative to PPV or PARA, and I hope at some point to be able to share it with people. Let alone the Modular Degree portion, or even my advanced OmniContent system.

Decided to keep the OmniContent Sprints series the way it was, but consolidated the rest of the content silos into one database. So all Micro-PolyCasts, these Now Page updates, and any other series (no matter the format or medium), are part of the same master database. This allows for templates being used for other content types. Easier organization, no longer do I have a whole bunch of separate title pages, and perhaps the sprints will fall into that system as well down the line. I'm not sure yet.

Personally, I have been trying to get back into shape after dirty bulking. For those who don't know, that means I ate not the cleanest diet (partially due to the pandemic), in an effort to gain weight. In specificity to gain muscle, which I did.

I mentioned before I am worried about income. Even my stimmy went straight to car stuff or rent, and that ate it up. However I sold nearly 1.5k of my belongings on FB marketplace of all places. Allowing me to make up for some lost time/hours. IT ALL went bills of course, but c'est la vie.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

Since I have been reworking my OmniContent System, even the sprints themselves, there is a lot of excitement for me about them all. Which motivates me to want to work on them. The reasons why I haven't this year thus far at least have been quite good. lol Such as remaking my entire website, revamping 180 blog posts, releasing interviews every week, sometimes multiple times a week, and a lot more.

That is going to keep happening, and the guests are just purely amazing no exaggeration there. Every single one brings something to the table, and I am looking forward to when I can do more with those interviews. Such as making takeaway blog posts with transcriptions, using those to make books out of the interviews (I'll have to get permission of course), and even repurposing through microcontent on other platforms. I haven't forgotten about that! I promised it!!

I have made monumental strides with my Notion OS in the past 4 months or so, and that makes things so much easier for me to progress farther. This is what I was wanting to do with all of those other tools I tried out before, and now I finally can. I did start experimenting with Obsidian, so I may make videos on both tools at some point in the future as well.

I have been on around 50 shows, and been interviewed on a plethora of topics. I am hoping many of those episodes coming out here soon.

Other than that the biggest thing would be to just be excited for all of the awesome stuff to come. I'm still looking for a repurpose tool that fits my needs, but once things start coming together my output will be even greater.

Not to toot my own horn real quick, but if you look at the sheer amount of content I have put out, including revamps, it is insane. Go check out the backlog, everything should be still relevant, at least in some way even today!

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