NOW Page #7 Feb 2021

TL:DR | The catching up after last year, and a whole world of new things to focus on now. This year is going to be HUGE.

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I'm going to go into many things this time around because I need some sort of outlet for all of the ideas. I'm still getting my Notion Life Operating system in place, and so just listing them there isn't prudent. I need to articulate my plans, and for those of you who read this article are probably the ones that care!

I've been looking forward to writing this update literally all last month! I think because of the excitement of the new website. I've been saying I had 180 blog posts on here, as it turns out there were a few duplicates, and a bit that were just ideas pretending to be posts. So I had 160 that were actually made, that needed to be revamped, and about 20 that just simply needed to be made. I'm about 90% done with that, and I've been obsessing about writing these posts out. Even at the detriment of other series.

I only posted two interviews all month, and still haven't done any OmniContent. However on the topic of OC, part of what has stopped me beyond just the interviews taking my time, is that the Multidisciplinary Spectrum needs to be "perfect". Perfection doesn't exist, but this mini series is really important to me to get right. I think that pressure kept me from releasing, but I recently did a talk on the spectrum with Ignite Talks Chicago. Giving me much needed practice thinking about the content for it.

What am I doing... NOW? Feb 2021

I am thinking I am going to stop with the interviews for a time after #100, currently at #84. This is becuase despite part of my brand being around omnichannel content marketing, I failed at doing well at marketing the episodes. I don't subscribe to the idea that there is a window, and so I will be doing sprints for each interview. My guests deserve that much!

Part of the struggle is literally finding the quotes in each episode. I thought maybe I outsource that, automate it with transcriptions, but none of that would be good. IMO. What I'm going to do is watch over them myself, not only getting to learn the lessons they shared with me Again, but also I'd be able to write a blog post with my takeaways. I still want to transcribe, at least for SEO's sake, but I think this would be a lot more powerful. Then as I'm watching I can find quotes for clips and quote images.

Additionally I've been talking about content curation, and in particular polymathy. I have a list of about 150 resources that I think are pretty great, I'm gonna go through them again and write out my 2 cents. Then sharing that out, and hopefully share some awesome links!

After I make the video for this Now Page update I plan on working on my interview episode with Hero San. He is an amazing content creator and performer, and a master at calisthenics.

I am also currently working on the first PolyPro post, of which I intend to have them be super dense posts. That way I know they are of immense value for subsribers. I think even my shortest posts are valuable, but if someone is to pay I would think more work could help! This one is about PolyInnovator and the Kardashev Scale, and becoming a planetary civilization.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up?

Last year I got completely slapped across the face by the pandemic, just like everyone else. However my mentality is to never stay down, and so I tried to recoup my habits. Particularly content creation, for I had hit a hurdle with the OmniContent, and as it turned out it was a perfect time for interviewing people. Managed to meet countless brilliant minds, and have them on the show. Now they feel like family to me.

To them it was another audiocast, but to me it was like they were coming into my world. So I'm eager to get more people on the show, even after my 100 limit, but now getting those campaigns out properly has been on my mind literally everyday. It is actually rather stressful! :)

I'm starting to sow the seeds of the TeleInnovator platform, as well as the Ghost CMS subscription too. Both being PolyPro, and hopefully in the future be able to be linked. In either case people who want to support me finally can, and those who are just interested in my courses can dig in as well!

I'm so close to finishing my blog posts revamp, and honestly I should have started it sooner, but I had this bias in my head that I shouldn't work on my posts until the site menu was fixed. I really don't know why I didn't start working on them sooner, I had two months. So now that both of those situations are close to completion, now it is all about the daily Fireside Codex entries. I won't be making much OmniBlog posts besides the OmniContent and these Now Page updates.

Since PolyInnovator is my personal brand, and my business life; There is no distinction between personal and professional for me. It is all the same, and also probably means I have no life. Who does though during a pandemic right? lol

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