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TL:DR | New mini habits, changes to the PolyInnovator Ecosystem, new posts, revamped posts, changes to series, and more!

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What am I doing... NOW? Jan 2021

In a new year, starting it off strong by building mini habits, and doing some of the things that need to be done! With a new website that you are on right now, there is a LOT that can be done with the new information architecture. That is why I went with Ghost CMS to change how the content flows to you readers. Including unique paid posts too down the line.

Before I start those fully I'll need to form the LLC, and in the long run create the video subscription too.

As for right now I am going through old posts revamping them. #CONVERT Sharing awesome content I've found #CURATE, creating new posts still too! #CREATE, and taking the old content like interviews and #REPURPOSING them. In the end there would be tons for people to explore under the PolyInnovator name, and I'm so ecstatic for that to happen. Honestly I've made a wide range of interesting pieces/videos/polycasts over the years, and I want people (more people) to enjoy them.

That is why I moved, and starting revamping them all, to make it easier. Now the task of revamping a couple hundred posts has been tough. Although some need it a lot less than I thought, and others a lot more, so we will see how things go speed wise.

I am disappointed that I failed to do daily #PolyCast uploads for the second half of December. I really did try, but I was so exhausted. Family drama did not help either during the holidays. I do intend on keeping up a faster pace though, so that people don't have to wait too long. I'll be reworking the OmniContent as well, so that I can finally get that Multidisciplinary Spectrum Mini Series out!

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up?

As I alluded to in the previous section there is a lot coming up, and I want to make up for any failures I did last year. Even if you all don't think I did, I feel that I did, and I want to do better. I made an audacious goal to do OmniContent everyday last year, and that may have been too much to handle mentally. That or the workflow wasn't quite right, as it has changed a lot over the year.

In that Multidisciplinary Spectrum mini series research I came across TONS of great content pieces from around the internet, and I would like to share them. When the posts come out there will be all the links for that episode, then in the finale I'll have all of them at least on the blog post part of the episode. As well as, I'll be sharing them over the year.

Between those, the interviews which are still on going, and the new Fireside Codex (sort of new, but a new habit is formed), there will be a lot more output! I want to do a daily blog on the Codex, so nothing super formal, but something to keep my skills sharp. This post will more than likely take the cake for today, but if I feel up to it later I'll do another.

Otherwise just keep in touch! The people who subscribe on here are special to me, and so feel free to reach out! :D

Micro SaaS (Definition)
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Micro SaaS (Definition)

Something that solves a simple problem, and thanks to the internet can become a reality, without there being the same limitations upon a traditional bigger SaaS business.

The Fireside Codex 2021
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The Fireside Codex 2021

In the new year, there is a new age for PolyInnovator. A brand new site, along with the new daily writing habit for me. I'll either be making regular posts, or doing a Fireside Codex entry.

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