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TL:DR | New Year, New Adventures! Despite setbacks in 2023, like illness and game development, attending a podcasters' conference led to a contractor role. In January 2024, PolyInnovator's focus shifted to "knowledge management for polymaths.", while PolyInnovator Gaming grows.

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Gooooooddd Morning Polymaths!

It is a brand new year, and one that will be filled to the brim with new adventures. At least I hope!

Last year I had been planning on spinning many plates, and making progress with all of them. To a degree I did that, and while I didn't finish some of the phases that I wanted to. At least there was progression.

At this time last year I was working on my video game Phasevos, and I put off everything for a month while I worked on it. Additionally, in September I got seriously sick for the entire month.

That is two months there were I was not working on my main goals. Alas I still made it to the end of the year. The reason I got sick made it all worth it, as I had gone to a conference for podcasters. It gave me a chance to travel, meet new people, and connect with the company I work with more.

Soon after I started working for them in a contractor role, and now that may be expanding even more in this new year.

Between the new work, the lack of anything holding me back in Columbia, and where my content channels are going. This is gonna be an exciting year I hope.

What am I doing... NOW? January 2024

I changed my meta-niche of the main PolyInnovator brand from just "polymathy" to "knowledge management for polymaths", which I think would have a much greater marketability.

The swimming phase is essentially on hold until I can finish the book.

The PolyInnovator gaming sub-brand is getting really exciting, as I keep finding more tools. As well as, I am really wanting to play more games again, especially Skyrim. One that I felt was really prudent for this brand.

I just started up the new channel for the sub-brand PolyInContent, which is housing the new creator spotlight interviews. I'll also talk about various tools there as well.

While I was hoping to focus on the main niche and swimming last year, with a bit of gaming sprinkled in. It turned into the the PolyInContent year it seems cause that is where most of my attention went to ironically.

What I am doing now is trying to work out a habit to write in my book regularly, get ready for PolyInnovator Gaming, and keep up the two current endeavors: the main content and the PolyInContent.

ADDED: I forgot to mention too that I moved from Notion to Obsidian, and then to Capacities... and I'm thinking I might have to move again. I really like having my stuff local.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I was spinning four phases last year, and had only 10 months of time to work. Not to mention the "wasted" time of me moving to new tools. In my head I thought I had more time, and honestly more energy even too. I did not, and so some of the work that needed to be done last year is crossing into this year. Which is interesting because a lot of my daily tasks like tue blog post for example, are creeping into later days into the week on my schedule.

I'm going to get my consistency in order, and I recently got Rise Calendar so hopefully that will help. I wasn't a huge fan of Cron, but maybe I'll try it out again too if Rise doesn't work out.

I live and breathe from my calendar, and that's how I get my work done. I really miss the calendar feature from Notion, and it seems like all of these tools I've been trying have been ignoring that need.

Just trying to find a local database tool to replace Notion. lol Although me trying out all of these various productivity/PKM tools, is going to help with my meta-niche of Knowledge management for polymaths. So at least it is twofold.

I aim to focus on that meta-niche even harder this year, and Ideally I'd be able to work on the Gaming brand this year as well. I think between both of those I'd be able to grow. In addition I'll just keep working on the new PolyInContent channel as much as I can.

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Being a Polymathic Content Creator

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