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TL:DR | The holidays and this time of year always screw with me. However I'm doing better this year, and the new creator interviews are giving me extra juice to push forward.

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Tis the season to be...working...

The winter time of year for some reason has always been hard for me. It isn't just seasonal depression, but even just income is lower. Holidays are stressful too instead of joyful.

I find that despite years passed, this particular one is doing better. I feel like I'm making more progress, and I'm actually making a decent amount of income for once. Although since it is contract work it will have to be taxed later.

What am I doing... NOW? December 2023

It is still four things really:

  1. The Knowledge Management for Polymaths (main niche)
  2. How to Swim Newsletter, and the "big project" book
  3. The content repurposing newsletter with these new Creator Interviews, plus the big project of making the PolyTools website
  4. The PolyInnovator Gaming channel and Generalist Gamer newsletter

With all of these you might think I'm spread too thin, and while I wouldn't have agreed with you earlier in the year. I do now.

That being because of my job, four phase focuses concurrently, and the season draining my energy. Even today it is dark grey and gloomy.

I'm still no where close to finishing those two projects sadly, and ironically I'm so ready to get started focusing on the next two things.

Those being the important Main meta niche, and the side brand PolyInnovator Gaming. I think between both of them I'll grow rapidly because of the strategies I know, and the practice I've put in now. I've laid the groundwork, and now it is ever more time to execute.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I just gotta finish those two projects or I'll never be able to truly focus on the things I need to. Down the line I can bring back the Swimming phase when I'm ready to make the course, and the PolyInContent Digest/repurposing phase isn't going to end just going to be content focused. With no big projects for a while.

I truly see it as multiple streams coming together. While the PolyInContent Digest can be it's own thing, my gut is telling me to keep it with my main channel. It is sort of in the middle. Where the How to Swim phase is purely just a part of the main PolyInnovator ecosystem, and I don't foresee myself making it a separate brand. The opposite goes for the Gaming channel, where it is its own isolated sub-brand within the ecosystem.

There being some overlap, and sharing the same PolyInnovator name technically. However it has its own site and channel, as the shotgun approach to content that I do there would be too much for the main TeleInnovator channel.

The PolyInContent Digest videos are basically just reviews and interviews, and they can be on the main channel just fine.

I see it as once those two big projects get done, then I can put the focus on those phases aside. Even the PolyInContent Digest, as it would continue simply through weekly content. The swimming one may or may not until the course.

Thus it would just be the two channels taking up focus, and the new project can be around the PIOS. Let's hope maybe I can get this all ready by the end of the year!

Tools to Turn YOUR Video/Audio Content into Clips (Every Clip Repurposing Tool)
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Tools to Turn YOUR Video/Audio Content into Clips (Every Clip Repurposing Tool)

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NOW Page 40 Nov 2023

The first month where I am fully getting back on track, and starting to see things clearly again. I was getting pretty low there when I was sick, so I'm glad to climb out of that!

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