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TL:DR | The first month where I am fully getting back on track, and starting to see things clearly again. I was getting pretty low there when I was sick, so I'm glad to climb out of that!

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I find myself cheerful and overall in good spirits. Despite still not feeling 100% energy back to normal, and that we are reaching into the time of year of seasonal depression. Tis good.

Overall I'm pretty excited for the year ahead, this year flew by, and while it didn't end up like I thought it would. It sort of did. I set out to juggle many plates, and I did. How well I did is depending on how you look at it. I sort of failed my gaming content, but excelled at the other three areas. Even rebranded a bit towards focusing on knowledge management for polymaths. Rather than just polymaths.

Each of my concurrent phases has their opus project, that is meant to be the focus of each funnel. The main polymathy one leads into the modular degree, and overall PIOS templates. The swimming one leads into the how to swim book, that I so desperately need to finish writing.

The content repurposing newsletter is really for any sort of monetization, but rather thought leadership. It also is partly the cause of why I am now brand partnered with Opus Clip for example. The funnel project for that is the PolyTools website, of which I need to remake properly.

Finally, there is the gaming content, of which has only been shorts.

What am I doing... NOW? November 2023

I am getting back on track, since I was sick for over a month. Now all of my habits, input or output, working out, etc; They all have faltered. Meaning it is going to take some work to get back into the groove, but I am trying hard at content. Working out will come next, and then I can do stuff like the Modular Degree input work.

I always feel that I am not doing enough, or progressing enough. Rushing to get things done. However as a guest on the polycast astutely pointed out to me yesterday. For those rushing to get things done, rushing through time, are just rushing towards death.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I finally have everything moved into Capacities, and I am excited for how that is going to play out. I'm not super happy with not being able to see all my content planning in a big picture view. Which I'm hoping will come eventually.

I.e. like a calendar view.

However I am able to plan out each content for each day that I want to do it.

I spent a lot of time last night setting dates for each post, up until about half way into next year. Meaning most series have ideas, and a plan of action for me to follow.

It is a lot of content, but I feel that I am ready for daily content, as I've already been rather close to that anyways. Now that the PolyInContent series is over, then I took those posts and divided them into the blog and video mediums instead.

I still have to make sure I get things like the PolyCast Interview blog posts done. However by the time I get around to them it may be Summer anyways. Which means I can continue my daily posts from there with the "Multidisciplinary Mindset" posts.

Content content content. It is all I breathe.

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NOW Page 41 Dec 2023

The holidays and this time of year always screw with me. However I'm doing better this year, and the new creator interviews are giving me extra juice to push forward.

Panther, Lion, and Dolphin
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Panther, Lion, and Dolphin

Here is a secret hack to get you better at the butterfly swimming stroke!

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