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TL:DR | Continuing this unique format of news updates; Coined by Derek Sivers, the "Now" page is an update on professional and personal lives.

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What am I doing... NOW? Nov 2020

Literally as I am writing this I am thinking okay what do I need to do next? Currently it seems my professional and personal productivity is operating at a low capacity. Can’t tell if it was from the pandemic/quarantine, laziness, prioritization, or what.

My Notion OS for my personal and business oriented goals/tasks, is well on its way to finalizing the first real iteration. I’ve used Notion so far a documentation tool essentially or CRM, but with the new changes from August Bradley, Thomas Frank, and my own various databases; There will be some massive improvements on tracking what I am doing, how often, and more importantly WHEN I need to do it.

I think once my personal life is in order with that system, then the benefits will just keep stacking. I have so much to do as a solopreneur, and choosing what to do each day is a task in of itself. #Decisionfatigue However I think I’ve gotten good at saying which is most important.

Just if I can make that better, then it would make a big difference.

Speaking of which, the reasoning behind why I want that to happen is the changes to PolyInnovator.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up?

Normally I’d talk about both personal and professional in both sections, but in this case one leads to the other. The PolyInnovator goals are simple: Get the content out there consistently, so then I can make content I charge for via subscription.

  1. I’m not doing any of this for the money, it isn’t my motivation, but what is my motivation is the potential for growth and output that income would provide.
  2. I’ll be moving things to new platforms, and simplifying what you all see on your end. In addition I’ll consolidate certain things like my Medium posts no longer exist on that platform, they moved to this blog, and then to the next one coming up here soon.
  3. I’ll be going back and touching up all the posts, marking when information is necessary, as in the cases of contextual stuff regarding platforms or time period.
  4. I’ll be finally sending out the Multidisciplinary Spectrum OmniContent.
  5. There will be plenty more interviews to come!
  6. Ideally OmniContent will become more consistent.
  7. I recently opened up the Polymath Community to the public, and so I’ll be helping that grow.

All in all, great changes are coming your way!

Watch or check out latest update on the main page/playlist!

Stand Up and Grow
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Stand Up and Grow

Now this is simply to be able to express different aspects of this thought process. The choice is yours to push yourself to take an extra 10 minutes of your day to learn about Self-Discipline. Pushing yourself to a new height.

NOW Page #5 Dec 2020
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NOW Page #5 Dec 2020

A bit longer than the previous Vlogs, but I think there are more things to discuss this time around. Considering the big changes coming to PolyInnovator.

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