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TL:DR | After an entire month of being sick. Now I can hope that I'll be getting better. Here is what is new and planned for October!

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Oh what a month! At the end of August I had just been getting back from the Podcast Movement conference. I mentioned last month that I went to the hospital for the first time in my adult life, and it turned out I had a nasty case of Lobar Pneumonia.

Well over the course of the month, even after two rounds of great antibiotics I was still sick. The third week I had a war with a fever every night. Then for the last week I started to get my fatigue quelled, but I suddenly at night would wake up to a stabbing pain in my chest.

It would be hard to move, but I'd get up, cough a lot, and then it would subside eventually. Usually once or twice a night. That is until Wed morning, where that night I was getting up every two hours that whole night. IN the morning I ended up PARALYZED in pain, and my entire torso front/back was tense. As if I was doing planks for two hours.

I managed to leverage myself up, and scramble over to the bathroom. However unlike the other days I couldn't cough, as the pain of ANY movement was unbearable. Even breathing was stifled, and super shallow.

I got into the shower, relaxed the muscles enough to cough, and half hour later I started to feel better. I had an appointment later that day, so I didn't think to go anywhere. About 10 minutes into it, they sent me to the ER. Turns out the Pneumonia moved (or reinfected), and I have fluid in my lungs. There they nuked me with 3 other different antibiotics.

I was then admitted into the hospital for observation, the next morning they did a few tests, and then told me I had to stay another night. Sticking me with needle after needle.

After some time they concluded that their theory is legionella, a particularly rowdy bug, that is hard to get rid of. Not to mention atypical for my environment. Luckily they sent me home with a month of antibiotics (my poor gut biome).

Now we are up to date...

What am I doing... NOW? October 2023

I still have to sleep sitting up which is weird to do, but that is due to the fluid. I can feel the pain in my ribs, but not so much in my center where it was before. I'm getting some energy back, which is fantastic as there were many many days where I woke up with just 50% energy.

Finished the interview I meant to do when I got sent to the ER, cleaned up the place and myself a bit, and did some laundry this weekend. Hopefully can create an upward trajectory from here.

Not really sure where I got the legionella, but the doctors are very sure it was my trip. My main concern is purely that of if anyone else got infected.


I think that the main goal right now is to move fully to Capacities

I've been saying this for a long minute now, and it is ironic considering the start of the Summer was moving to Obsidian. After the Summer now here I am moving once again. However I could not work in that app, perhaps writing would be good in it. Maybe it becomes my book writing app or something haha.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I'm still moving the PolyInContent series to it's own feed. There still needs updates to the various series I put on pause while I was sick.

Given that Capacities is either equal or better than Obsidian to plan things out. I at least can have my work all there. What I mean is that I used a reminder plugin on Obsidian, but it was super annoying to SET a date. Whereas on Capacities I can simply choose a date from a mini calendar dropdown.

Not to mention all content within a series or type can be viewed in a number of ways. Akin to how I was able to do on Notion. I just wish there was a calendar view.

Hopefully "what is coming up" is my health! I'm still sick, I can feel it in my chest and body overall, and I just want to get back to a good state. I lost a bit of weight as well during this month due to a lack of appetite. Meaning I'll have to build back up my musculature a bit as well.

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