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TL:DR | Today is a longer one because a ton happened last month, and while I'm playing catch up now. There is a lot to come as well!!

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I'm not doing good right now. As I write this I find it hard to breathe, the last couple days I was on a rise in health, but sort of snapped back today.

For the first time in my adult life I went to the hospital on Tue, and they were worried that it could be a collapsed lung or blood clot. It happened to be the 3rd option, which somehow is the BEST choice, but Lobar Pneumonia. Which is really rare for 28 year old. 🤯

Besides my health I am really on a rise, and I'm happy because I made a trip happen! Now since the last Now Page was before this situation occurred I have to give context!! Note: This first section is going to be longer than usual, as I have A LOT to share. a tool I use for all of my Polycast Interviews now, they had sent out a tweet contest saying if you replied you could enter. For a chance to win a free ticket to the podcast movement conference, the biggest podcasting event in the world essentially.

I found myself just saying ok let's try, lo and behold I won the contest. I might've been one of the only ones to reply (at least on "X" twitter). However then the problem arose, how do I get there, and where do I stay??

I couldn't stay with family because it would be too far away, and I couldn't afford a hotel. At that moment I couldn't even afford an Airbnb (not that I have used them up to this point anyways).

After talking with a family member who at least was like, "well even if you fail, then it would be a good mental exercise to push beyond your limits". Great advice, and I appreciated it. Shortly after our call however something clicked. I made the decision "I was going to make this happen", and what do you know a few opportunities for income came in.

The Podcast Movement conference was in Denver which is a huge place, and I managed to snag an airbnb nearby. Though it still was a 30min walk or 13min drive. (a company I partner with) was able to provide me airplane tickets to get there. All in all, it was a great experience. I met around 1000 people, connected with folks that I only knew online formerly, and even hard a short romance as well.

It was a great trip, my first solo one, and something that I hope I can do something like it again one day.

What am I doing... NOW? September 2023

I'm still playing catch up, it is over a week later now, and even this post I just could not finish last night. I guess my body just needed the rest yesterday because I even went to bed tremendously early.

I didn't make content most of the week that I was gone, though I did record my first in person interview (I got the files yesterday, so gotta get that out).

Working as a freelancer now for podcasters/creators, had an interview for a contract gig, and perhaps a part time remote role. Meaning I'll be juggling three things in addition to creating content. However I recall this being one of my favorite times back in the day. Working 3 small jobs, and then coming home to work until late to create.

I changed how the flow of how the PolyCast works. To just the Interviews and Fireside MicroPolycast. Any interview is grouped into that category, regardless if it is 1st time or Round 2, and any solocast is a fireside episode.

Going to turn the PolyInContent into it's own stream.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I got really inspired by the conference, and managed to ask my friends who I saw there to come onto the show.

I'm looking forward to having even more great guests appear on the PolyCast.

Some new, some old, and even perhaps some bigger names. After talking to Spotify directly I was able to gain some insight too.

One thing I've noticed is that my urge to take a polymathic approach can lead to me having a bias, and that can hinder my growth. Such as the idea of making just ONE channel, when making a new one won't hurt.

However when a specialist approaches this issue, they think of it as separating EVERYTHING. When a generalist approaches it they think of combining EVERYTHING.

Neither approach is best I've learned, and I think that the Polymath approach (rather the synergy of specialist and generalist takes); That is more of taking a nuanced mindset when it comes separating or combining. For example I saw PolyInnovator Gaming as part of my main ecosystem, as just one of the phases like Education or swimming. However unlike the swimming phase, the gaming one stood on its own, and needed its own channel for that reason.

I wasn't going against my own philosophy by doing that, but rather giving it space to grow into it's own generalist channel.

I think the same is how the PolyCast should be with the PolyInContent separating. I'm giving them space for them both to grow.

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Opus Clip vs's Magic Clips
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Today I am comparing my two main tools I use for the PolyCast. Opus Clip and Magic Clips by! They both are quite amazing, and since I'm partnered with both I figured this would be a great way to highlight these tools.

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