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TL:DR | Tons of things happened over the last month, and not enough space to talk about them all. Make sure you watch the vlog as well! To get every bit of news.

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Once again I find myself stumbling over my words for this post. I was thinking last night that I'll have a ton more to say than last month. Since July 1st is my birthday, then I usually don't have a lot of other things to say that Now Page. However I had a wonderful celebration.

For the first time since my 21st I really wanted to do something for my birthday. Hitting 28 seemed more important to me than 30 will. Perhaps it is because I knew that I may not be here by that date. Living in Austin or somewhere else.

This last month it feels like a lot has happened.

What am I doing... NOW? August 2023

This particular week I planned out ahead on Sunday, trying to fill my schedule as much as possible. Though that has gone off the rails a bit because of the poor weather. Not only are my energy levels low, but my lessons cancelled as well. Which are my primary income source at the moment.

I'm starting to see some income from PolyInnovator after all this time. Also speaking of which. I always presumed that income would have to come after growing, and I still stand by that. However thanks to Opus building up tons of clips for me I have over 1000 now. I needed a way to post them to social media ahead of time. I tried Publer and Nuelink, but had issues with their price and more importantly UI/UX. However after trying the lifetime deal with VistaSocial, where they screwed me over, and had an even worse user interface. I went back to Publer, and started getting to work.

I scheduled out a ton of those ahead, and I noticed some changes. Tiktok is growing, but I seem to be annoying Instagram people a little. That was to be expected. Two different audiences, and some of them followed me purely because they know me in person, not because of my content. I stand by my work though.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

Every 2nd day of the month I create a development log for my video game I am working on. Given the multiverse style of plot in the game I wonder if I should combine it with some of my other ideas in the gaming world. Alas go check that out tomorrow!

Tons and tons of more clips coming out over the next 200 days. I am so very excited. Given my timeblocking this week as well, there are a few interviews I am preparing to launch (one did yesterday).

I've been having guests return onto the Polycast show, which has been absolutely amazing. Better than I expected even.

Note: For both the returning guests coming on, and the release schedule for the podcast clips. Neither are based purely on chronological order. Meaning I am choosing based on a variety of factors.

The clips for example I found that I should post some of the more interesting interviews first. Not to say any one interview wasn't interesting, but some had just such a high energy to them.

As well as, it is based on whether or not a guest has come back on already. Meaning that their first interview clips should go out sooner, so that their second interview clips are not super close in time.

I'm not sure if I posted this anywhere, but here is the schedule of my planned content!

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