NOW Page 36 July 2023

TL:DR | Fleeting moments, that is all life really is. One moment after the next, and it is up to us to make sure we experience those moments. Today is no different!

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I woke up rather late today at 1pm, which means I must have really needed the sleep. Normally I don't let myself do that, but for today being my birthday and all I thought what the heck.

From there I finished a post from the other day, worked on this one/vlog, went to the store to get nice pants (tell you why in a sec), laundry, and hopefully will have even more done by the time I go out!

Took a while for me to get my head clear, as I had some really weird pool related dreams last night before I woke up. Today being my birthday always makes making these Now Pages on this day kind of weird. I enjoy making content, so even when my friend said "make content? but it is your birthday!" I had to explain to him, that it doesn't matter what day it is if I have to get something out. lol

My roommate made the joke: "It's my birthday, and I want the Page done NOW.", which is funny considering I am trying to get the "Now page" done now.

What am I doing... NOW? July 2023

My mindset is still on that ideal goal of consistency, and it used to be because of all of the big creators out there always saying you should work on that. However now it is purely intrinsic. I want to be reliable to my audience when it comes to my various series that I do.

For the most part I am with this Now Page, the worst I've done it was a week late. I think I had a decently good reason too. Although for the most part it is done on the First. Same goes with the various newsletters. Wed is Swimming, Thur is Content Repurposing, and Fri is the Journey to Polymath (main one if you will). Sat is my sub brand's gaming newsletter, but that one has been slipping.

I'm sort of stuck catching up with the Polycast interviews, as editing is still killing me, and it is the exact same for the Video game channel as well. I haven't posted there in over a month. I was trying to launch it all well too, considering I know what to do.

Beyond that I am teaching swim lessons for income, lots of them, and I need to teach more of them too.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I have a couple weddings to attend, maybe even KJ at too. My ten year HS reunion is this month, which is going to be interesting.

Beyond that I have a ton of awesome content on the way. The more and more I use my Reminder plugin the more I realize that I have stuff to get out.

There is no shortage of ideas, and I really want to do them all. There is no opportunity cost to me, just simply a matter of time for when they come out. The longer I go the more it fits, i.e. some posts I was SUPER excited about making, they ended up fitting perfectly with my recently launched Polymathy newsletter.

It is synchronicity like that, that makes me excited to make content.

In my professional life I am looking for a remote job, so that I can be location independent. While also being at my battlestation more too.


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