NOW Page #33 April 2023

TL:DR | Ah just got back from vacation, and while I am not quite ready to get back in the swing of things; There is a lot to do!

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NOW Page #33 April 2023

Part of the theme of this year is juggling many different things that need to be done. However it seems that I am still struggling at the time management aspect. Perhaps I'm not doing as bad as I think I am, but I wish I was making more progress.

I.e. with Phasevos Chronicles.

What am I doing... NOW? April 2023

The main thing was recuperating from my recent vacation. Something that I am not used to doing, and haven't had one in a while. I didn't create content over the trip, and my sleep schedule was all messed up (thanks to the early birds I was spending it with lol).

However now I can get back on track for some things.

It seems that content wise some weeks are good, and others I have to skip too much. Particularly when it comes to PolyInnovator Gaming Videos or PolyInContent Episodes.

Though as long as I get one done a week I am satisfied. There is a trajectory I want to get with each of those, and also the Polymath PolyCast. If I can get all of them to be more consistent I think my growth will be far more exponential.

Phasevos development has slowed to a halt almost, and basically all I did the past month was get the starter designs completed. Of which I'll share on the dev log here:

The Phasevos Chronicles
Explore the journey, Tame and Capture, and build the Ultimate team of Phasevos to Conquer the Pillar of Champions!

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

More designs for creatures getting made, and hopefully some actual development starting back up.

There are about four interviews scheduled for this month, and I hope to get them out asap. In between those I'll be releasing PolyInContent episodes, and various small content pieces as well.

While it seems that most of my plans are delayed by a month, presumably because of the game development time spent in January. All streams of focus are seemingly on the right track. Even if not quite the right time table.

I took a break from stuff this last week, and now even this post is a couple days late. So I'm going to haul ass to get back on track fully! :D

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