NOW Page #31 Feb 2023

TL:DR | Let get it started! There are so many things going on this year, and honestly I feel like this is the REAL start of the year.

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I think we all collectively treated January as a trial run of 2023. I honestly put off everything, and tried to do something completely different than I had planned.

I spent a majority of the month working on my my pokemon alternative game: Phasevo: Chronicles. Which was ignited from an extremely long conversation with ChatGPT.

I needed more work as well given the time of year, so I finally relented and applied to be a supervisor at the Arc (where I work).

The content plans weren't stopped, just slowed, but I think I did well considering I was preoccupied. I managed to use AI image generators to come up with HUNDREDS of creature designs. About a 100 of which are going into the first game, and I also got the world map done essentially. Wireframed the region, and started working on filling in the world with cities, buildings, and people.

What am I doing... NOW? February 2023

I'm at a turning point with the game, either I'll keep working on it all year. Which is what I hope to do, or I'll get stuck on the programming side and give up. Although I don't see myself doing that because I found a dozen code bases that are open source pokemon clones in Godot (my engine of choice for this project).

I need to find a way to combine them into what I need, and make the rest on my own. Really can't rely on ChatGPT to give me the code, as I need to know to fix stuff myself.

As for content the plan was to get my Gaming Channel launched in the first month. I technically made everything including the site. Which you can find here:

PolyInnovator Gaming
A generalist/polymath approach to video game playing!

I'm EXTREMELY excited to launch this because I have just so much to offer in the gaming world. I have almost 200 tiktoks already to post to various short form places. I have my full season of State of Decay 2 already recorded, and just have to edit them to post them weekly.


As for the main PolyInnovator Content Ecosystem, there are a lot of series going on right now. This Now Page, the How to Swim newsletter, content repurposing newsletter, and I really need to get my "main" newsletter Level up to Polymath at least started.

Moreover I'm stuck on the interviews for the Polycast as I waited too long to ask some people to come onto the show. I need two more guests currently before I'm comfortable ending the fifth season.

I'm really excited because the branding of my various content streams are going to get a facelift. As I am going to be making the various intros/outros, lower thirds, logos, and all that for this year. Which I'm finally going to go into the "glitch" style, which is something I've looked at for some time. Making all of the different series feel a bit more related since they're all part of the same Ecosystem.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

Mainly just me executing all of my plans, many of which I explained above.

I literally spent ALL day yesterday converting my horizontal video clips into gaming tiktok/reels/shorts form vertical videos. Which was long in the making for me to do.

OH how could I forget one of the biggest projects I'm working on: the content repurposing tool reviews. I'm one of the only creators talking about these tools, and I wanted to give an open minded review on them.

The first one ideally should come out tomorrow, but I'm still not sure how much time will be needed for each one.

Perhaps at the end I can make a chart of all the tools along with the path of how content flows.

I still have TONS of PolyInContent series episodes to make, and I'm procrastinating on the latest one for whatever reason. Perhaps my mind is focused on the other series at this time. Although I want to get one done a week as per my schedule.

When it comes to the PolyCast it is still a priority for me, but I may lower it down to once a week. Rather than multiple series on there per week, as in an interview, polyincontent, micro-polycast, etc all in one week. It would be just one Micro-PolyCast, or regular PolyCast, or Interview per week.

There are only 42 episodes per season, and I want to try and do a season per year. Maybe in the years where I have less juggling going on I'll do two seasons in a year.

For being just one person, and having to create all of this stuff from scratch basically... I think I'm doing well. Certainly giving myself less crap than I used to, which is healthy.

Anyways I hope you are looking forward to what is to come!!

P.S. I'm still planning on getting my How to Swim book out in May this year.

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