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TL:DR | Creator struggles, financial strain, and a glint of hope? This Now Page update for Oct is a marker of progress, and I aim to continue to improve.

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This is why I want to be immortal, oh wait wrong post lol, but I'll touch on it here too.

Why I want to be Immortal
Living forever doesn’t mean you actually live it, and in all of the media that depicts immortality there is this challenge. At some point you’ve reached the end of things to do.

I hate the fact that I am behind in my mental projections of where I should be in life. It always seems that I am at least a year and half behind schedule. If not 2-5 years in some cases. This happened a lot with my OmniContent/PolyInContent series, where I thought I'd get back on track with them in 2020. However that didn't really happen until late 2021/early 2022. Even now I don't make them as often as I'd like, instead opting for a random blog post or video here and there.

I always know that I'll have more time, and I have been lucky in the fact that my opportunities to do some of the stuff I want to do haven't been lost with time. Such as interviewing some people, or sending out certain ideas to the world.

I lost a dear mentor and friend over 2020, not due to what you think either, and I had no idea until this year as things were so crazy during that time. I wanted to interview him on my show, but now that endeavor is lost forever.

It is that mentality that always makes me think that we aren't here forever, and that memento mori really is true.

What am I doing... NOW? October 2022

As philosophical as that sounds, then you would think that I'd be doing everything in my power to continue to make progress; And you'd be wrong.

I think this is inherently a human trait, although I must strive to not let that be an excuse. However I think we are constantly over-guessing how much we can actually get done in a certain time frame.

Whether we think we can or not, it doesn't matter, what matters is how much effort we put forth to do it. My point is to all of this is that I am trying to put more and more effort in. That is literally how you climb the latter of productivity, by increasing the compound interest of your life.

I have been trimming the fat so to speak on the couple dozen posts I've been trying to get out all year. Something I've mentioned extensively over the course of these 2022 Now Page updates.

I also have been slowly making progress with them too over the year. I really feel that if I can just sprint through them, get them done, then I can release the Modular Degree template. Once the content around that launch is out there I can feel complete enough for now on the first phase of PolyInnovator.

Isn't that weird? I never think that phases truly end, but they should have a endpoint at least in the main endeavor of sorts. I have yet to finish the FIRST phase of my personal brand content journey.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

It honestly feels like I'm on the precipice, and that is amazing. There sparks a glimmer of hope now in me, and I have a lot to look forward to. Which means you as the viewer of all of this do too! :)

If you made it this far you are either a big fan of my work, or you are Derek Sivers (the original creator of the now page concept), which in either case I am really grateful to you.

The trajectory is that of this:

  1. Release the template of the Modular Degree.
  2. Create content around it.
  3. Make content around polymathy sort of interleaving all of the above stuff.
  4. Once those two baselines are completed, then I can focus on my multiple content series.
  5. I've been releasing the swimming posts and Now page updates consistently. I'll keep doing that, but also add the PolyInContent Digest (content repurposing newsletter).
  6. I want to do something with the content repurposing space next.
  7. Around this time hopefully start up video game streaming too on the side.

All for another day...

That is it for now, and I hope you have a wonderful start of the month!

Why I want to be Immortal
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Why I want to be Immortal

Living forever doesn't mean you actually live it, and in all of the media that depicts immortality there is this challenge. At some point you've reached the end of things to do.

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