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TL:DR | From an almost car accident to the seasonal emotional swings, and even the new year bringing new challenges. This has already gotten to be a crazy start.

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What a roller coaster this year has already brought. I'm sitting here writing this in a snow storm, hopefully it has calmed down a bit now, and stuck at home. Ironically despite being home I am late to get this now page update out.

Once again I find myself motivated by this video:

Discovering who I am, or rediscovering I guess, as the picture you hold in your head isn't always what you see in the mirror.

You are what you repeatedly do.

Well I am not doing what I need to repeatedly, and that dissonance is killing me.

What am I doing... NOW? Month 2021

Right now I am juggling. A future post of mine will be about polymathy, and the concept of juggling or serializing. Some researchers talk about the concept of serial polymath, where they do one thing after the other. Alternatively, the other kind is more akin to a jack of all trades, and doing everything at once.

I find that the latter is more ideal, and that may seem counter intuitive. All because if you aren't focusing, then you are bound to fail. Here is the deal I'm not cooking eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, and in the same moment. I am cooking the bacon, then the eggs, while putting in toast when I have a moment, and started the coffee off at the beginning. It is more of a combination, rather than octopus arms everywhere.

That is where I think most people get it confused, especially when they look at where the jack of all trades is on the Multidisciplinary Spectrum. At a more novice level, however give it enough time and all of those skills stack up.

PolyInnovator Phases

I needed to explain that last bit to give the context of why I am so overwhelmed. I'm stressed because I am being pulled from many areas, my work life is simple just different now, and I have to adjust my Poly-work accordingly. That has been difficult for sure, but manageable.

When it comes to Poly-work I have a variety of tasks I need to get done. My goal was to create 60 pieces of solid content for the first two months, but I didn't expect my seasonal affective disorder to hit me so hard, and my new job to take up so much of my time. I.e. it is hard to drive back home, then drive all the way back during the break between my "work shifts".

The content is what I am managing to do right now, and is my goal for this week. I mean I even put off this post a couple days for some reason.

Then I have bigger projects that are long overdue to get done:

  1. gave me a task to record thousands of lines, so that my account can use my own voice to talk over my blog posts. If you scroll to the top of this post you will see the player there, where you can LISTEN to this blog post. An amazing feature and tool, and would be phenomenally cooler with my own voice.

2. I just got my final interview out recently, and that means it is time to repurpose them all. From the various clips per episode, as well as the transcriptions and takeaway blog posts for each one.

3. I've been meaning to continue writing my "how to swim" book, as that is something I am very deeply knowledgeable about, and truly start my "phase 2". I said it was initiated last Summer, but I haven't done any content around it yet because of this catch up game.

4. Finally, I am working on my Notion templates. Now first one to release will be the Modular Degree, and put a huge step forward for my phase one (which was around Modular Education/self-edu). Then the OmniContent template, and the PIOS as a whole.

All of these tasks are piling up, and I need to do them in quick succession. However it seems that I am overthinking it all in my head, or having a hard time sitting down to do them. Like I said before I am not reaching out to everything like an octopus (which in some cases isn't a bad thing even), as I am literally just trying to do the bare minimum at the moment.

I need to timeblock and deep work these tasks over the course of the next month or something in order to progress into the actual phase 2. Technically there is one more task too, and that is all but sorted financially: Forming the LLC.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

My mom literally told someone the other day that I have been wanting to be a business man since I was five. I am not sure if it was truly that early, but I certainly remember talking about having my own office supplies when I was 8 or 9, and then having my own temporary tattoo business when I was ten.

That level of drive to improve to accomplish that goal, or the idea that I could find some way to make money on my own terms. That has never died, if anything only gotten stronger. While I don't make my content to make money per se, I do make it to have an impact on people, and that in turn will generate income when people want to go deeper.

Most creators avoid making money for a while because they fear the money, truly do, and it sucks. Not only for them, but to their audience too. They are literally doing a disservice to their followers. Look at me I sound like one of those annoying ads on youtube, but it is true. You can give almost everything out for free, but for that 20% of people who really do need the last bit of knowledge you have to level them up. They WANT courses or books, or some sort of paid media. This is because they often have looked everywhere else, and only you know this field in that way they need.

If you don't offer paid items, then they can access that knowledge. One could say that you could give it completely free, but then it is overlooked. Edx and some other course platforms had a study where if students got the courses for free they wouldn't complete them. However the ones that paid, even the minimal charge, they did have a much higher chance to complete them.

Now that was a bit of a tangent, but it is prudent to the mindset that I employ in my PolyPRO memberships. Technically there are two, the one on this blog, and the one on the site. Written posts, and video posts respectively. I wonder if I would make a private podcast down the line too.

Each of those tasks above they all fall under this goal to get this paid content out. Either directly, or in directly, such as the Modegree template is free. However the courses will be too, to a certain level, and for the advanced users they will have more advanced paid course. I can't make that content, or put it out there until the template is complete, and LLC formed.

I want to make this clear, that I will be putting out so much free content, that theorectically you may never have to pay me. Although as Gary Vee puts it "you feel guilty about all the free stuff, that you buy the books". I used that same mindset with my training clients, particularly swimming ones, where I'd offer a free lesson. No strings attached, but they would always pay for a full session because they knew how good it was.

That is what's "coming up", is that I somehow organize all of those tasks into a snowball productivity week or month.


I forgot to put this in the video or  post, but I almost got into an accident last month. I was driving down a road and some lady blew past a stop sign, and almost T-boned me. I swerved to avoid collison, but I happened to have two heavy desks in my car. Meaning as I got back into my lane, they caused me to fish tail.

Then the momentum sent me onto the curb, and bent my control rod in my car. Something that is very expensive to replace, but I didn't have the ability to stop and get their license plate or anything. Meaning I had to just keep going, and eat the cost. I managed to come away without injury at least, but paying $650 to repair it was painful enough.

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