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TL:DR | In the time it takes to make this video I could have allocated it to something else. What are the priorities, and timeblocking ideas that I can do to change my life? I ask, what is happening Now in life?

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Time of change and manifestation.

I remember back in 2015 or so, when my productivity was still throwing me for a loop. As in I couldn't figure out the systems needed to develop my habits. There was a thought in my mind, that of how can I possibly squeeze all of these things into my daily routine?

What am I doing... NOW? Nov 2021

I have found myself struggling to get these things all done. Whether it is once a day, week, month, or even as simple as once a year in the case of the infamous OmniContent.

A friend exclaimed to me:

"What is it giving you at the end of the day, what is the lifestyle you want to have?" -Elena Agaragimova

Made me think too what areas in that list of various things I need to do are important. What daily things need to happen, and how can I prevent myself from burnout.

The reason why this is the topic of today's post for the Now Page, is that I have been struggling all year with productivity. Half of the Now Page Updates have literally been me saying I have this and this still to do.

It is a struggle I have not forgotten in the slightest, and one I intend to fix. Changing how we go about our lives, especially on a daily basis is a key factor in determining success. I wrote out a list of things I need/want to do/accomplish, and now prioritizing, delegating, and organizing what tasks go where.

In essence what I am doing now is:

Changing my work life from teaching fitness to a few various things to make ends meat.

Working on getting an interview out once a week until I have them all out.

Created a campaign for Tiktok, with a bit of new PolyInnovator "lore" involved.

Now organizing my timeblocking to schedule out my days.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up!

What matters most is just getting those interviews out. I already feel terrible for making people wait so long. Most of the wait is purely from so many people on the list, as I recorded a ton during the Quarantine.

My aforementioned friend made a clear great point about prioritizing, and finding out what is most important. This coming from a polymathic person herself, is very astute; As the key principle in my hypothesis of polymathy is being able to manage your time extremely well.

Finding what is most important then sticking to that, for the time that you are doing it. Even if it is only a month, or as long as a decade.

My gut is screaming at me right now though to spread things out, give myself a taste of everything. Considering how off the tracks I am with a majority of my habits. However my brain thinks that I need to slowly introduce these into my daily routine. Else I run the risk of burnout, which is already high for me given the time of year.

All three seem very conflicting to one another at first, but to me they seem almost as if layers of abstraction to one another.

This is my goal to figure this out, so that the rest of the dominos will follow.

NOW Page #15 Oct 2021
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NOW Page #15 Oct 2021

Every moment, every day, and every opportunity. Those are what make up your life, and we must live in those moments. They are what is happening NOW.

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We built this house. On memories. I have built my house of my life, on the memories of my future. I aim to forge my own Legacy.

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