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TL:DR | Every moment, every day, and every opportunity. Those are what make up your life, and we must live in those moments. They are what is happening NOW.

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Memento mori

We take steps to the inevitable end of life, and the things we do IN life are those very steps. Meaning everything you do SHOULD have a purpose, even if that purpose is to rest.

The clouds of fate are hard to decipher, and if you have any sort of inking of what you want to do in life. Then you should pursue it will all your heart. This brings me to PolyInnovator, that is the catalyst of which I made to pursue those inklings and areas aimed to pursue.

This Now page update is a bit of a somber one, I feel crushed, broken, exhausted, and utterly at the bottom of the mountain.

What am I doing... NOW? Month 2021

The Four Pillars in your life are constant struggles, and as someone who strives for progression it is even more prudent. When I feel stagnant, or worse regressing, there is this dissonance. From who I think I am, and who I actually am being.

When the Mind is foggy, or overwhelmed.

The body broken and fatigued.

When the spirit's flames are dim.

Or when the emotion's well has run dry.

All of these alone are detrimental to ones life, and to me it honestly feels as if all of them are happening at once. It is time for a change, and that is why I resigned at work. Something drastic had to happen, or else I would have burst.

I love my students, and they were the main reason I made it this far.

As for PolyInnovator over the past year I have pretty much solely worked on the interviews, which was the best choice IMO. I honestly wouldn't have had it any other way, even though I had to put off the PolyInnovation OS, Modegree, and more. Just to have the bandwidth for interviews and my jobs.

I am trying to make it with the little I got financially right now, until I can work again and find a new rythym. Then I will make the preparations to move.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

It feels to me that I am one to years behind on my vision. That isn't a whole lot, but in my head it drives me nuts. I wanted to have a pattern of content people could expect, multiple series they could look forward to, and multiple phases either done or worked on by now. As some phases are decade long, just interleaved into it all. I.e. Modular Education and Polymath Exercise. Note, who knows if I will ever "end" those phases even.

Phases are just an idea or construct to organize the polymathy of my life in a marketable way.

That being said the next phase being Polymath Exercise: Hydrodynamics and Philosophy of Swimming, Or in short, swimming content phase.

The omnicontent sort of transcending or guiding the phases, the interviews overlapping everything, and the books and courses being the meat of it all.

This is what I envision, and what I am working on creating now. The Notion Life OS I've built is meant to be the system I could use to actually make this happen.

Hold No Expectations, Judgements, or Attachments
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Hold No Expectations, Judgements, or Attachments

From the wise ancient teachings, to the modern application, the ideas in this codex entry are to distill my down pulls into words, that could then be lessons.

NOW Page #16 Nov 2021
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NOW Page #16 Nov 2021

In the time it takes to make this video I could have allocated it to something else. What are the priorities, and timeblocking ideas that I can do to change my life? I ask, what is happening Now in life?

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