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TL:DR | After about a year's worth of monthly update, now comes the start of a new one. Summer time has always been my main point in the year. Part of why I want to move somewhere warmer! Here is what is happening in my neck of the woods during such a busy season!

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Today is my birthday. This is the first time a Now Page update has overlapped with any special day like that or a holiday. Last year when I started these it was August. Note: Ironically for the first time in any of these updates I actually wasn't able to get it done on the date. I started it on the 1st, and ended on the 3rd.

The world has changed a lot over the past year, and I feel that I have as well. I really have gone full head first into minimalism, and have been getting rid of stuff left and right. Selling or simply giving away items in my home. I even got rid of my kitchen table and chairs because I felt it wasn't useful enough to keep, and I can always get a new table in the future if needed for a new home.

Over the past half decade I have told people I am going to move, and that I want to travel. That hasn't changed, although the methods of doing so have. First it could have been working on a cruise ship, although Covid made short work of that thought, or perhaps hitchhiking across the country. Still could, but I would need more of a home like a van or something.

My dreams aspire to be great, in many different fields, and PolyInnovator was created to be the baseline for that. I have been striving to find every single way and avenue to create content all platforms. From the simplest stories to the complex long form videos. I have had experience in it all, and now it is just optimize and find new ways of chopping up content. I know how, and what to do. I just don't have the time or bandwidth to do it. Either an amazing tool needs to come up, or I outsource it to a partner/hire.

What am I doing... NOW? July 2021

This section started out dividing the personal and professional, but over time they merged. Purely because PolyInnovator became both, but at this time I have had so many things that happen to me in life good/bad that aren't in PolyInnovator's bubble that I needed to separate them. At least for this update.

For one despite not using it as much as of late, not because of it not being useful, but rather due to laziness. I still want to formally release my PolyInnovation OS to the world. However I am having user flow issues, which I thought I solved, but even I feel overwhelmed by all of my layers that someone else would give up.

I'm going to go over some of the videos I haven't finished yet on the playlist I made. Including some new ones about the API, which is a monumental change. Then I'll see what I can do.


I have not been great emotionally. In Four Pillars speak my body isn't ideal, and the body dysmorphia doesn't help. Mentally I have felt foggy or sluggish, not sure if that has to do with the other Pillars bringing it down, or the lack of Nootropics (+ decreased caffeine intake). Spiritually I think has changed quite little, was always into the philosophy of life, and having a vast amount of voracious reading when I was younger has helped as I got older.

So in my emotional tribulations I fall back on Taoism or Stoicism to be my anchors.

Part of it all could be the new role I have had at work for the past few months, where my 2nd in command boss had needed a temporary replacement to get things done while gone. I stepped up to the task, and have been helping our boss with admin work. It is something that I have quite enjoyed the challenge of, and I feel that I am actually helping. Although it tripled my hours (a really good thing), which has made me more tired. Since the work is more mentally based, therefore I have come home with less energy to work on PolyInnovator stuff.

Causing a ripple effect, where because I'm tired I don't release interviews, not posting them makes me stressed because the guests are waiting on me, the stress makes me procrastinate even more. Then farther down it goes. Slowly I've been climbing out of the rut.


With a new role driving my life all Summer, stressed as to not mess anything up, and tons of weight bearing down on me for the interviews. I strive to stay on top, but it can feel like I'm drowning in too many to do lists.

I will say the guests on the show have been extraordinarily patient, with only a couple expressing frustration, and mainly due to misunderstanding the flow of the episodes.

As for other areas I haven't found a way to create an income from PolyInnovator yet, as I certainly would not like to be overly salesy like some creators can be. Although I do need to find a sustainable source, so that I can focus all of my attention on the endeavors.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

Two "secret" projects I have yet to truly mention in detail would be the PolyInnovation OS, as well as my first book. Both of which are well under way, and have only been mentioned in other blog posts.

Part of the OmniContent series actually is aligned with BIG projects like those. So I created the series to be a consistency factor, but also a way to plan out tons of awesome posts lined up. So some about swimming (one of my first books I'll be sharing), and aligned with other major projects.

So that you get the big chunk piece in a book or video, etc, and then you get supplementary posts to go alongside them. Adding details in places maybe not able to fit in the books and such.

I am constantly working on my own PolyInnovation OS, as I desperately want it to be my catalyst for growth. I think is phenomenal, and the applications endless. Especially now with the API update, and I have great systems I built for myself. That when properly integrated with each other, and other tools I use like Google Calendar would be even more powerful.

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