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TL:DR | How we go about our lives, on a weekly, or even daily basis, is something that is constantly evolving. Whether things happen that are good or bad, ADAPT.

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In this life we only get one shot, one opportunity, and we can't miss our .... wait a minute that is Eminem. Although with all jokes aside we only get one chance to do all the things we want to do on this Earth. Even if you believe in reincarnation, that is still only one chance for that version of you to act.

I see this as a motivator to try and do everything you set your heart out to, which is why I created PolyInnovator, to be the catalyst for all the things I want to do. Honestly, people tell me I send out a lot of content, and they're mainly right. When I am doing it I am doing more than most, and I actually use my various platforms too so I am sending things out there as well.

Not to mention all the plans I have for new series in the future. I sometimes forget how much I actually do, content wise, let alone with my day job!

However I still give myself a hard time because I FEEL like I am failing.

I have FAILED at getting out a new OmniContent for the past year, only have done 5 total, and I have 700+ on the waitlist.

I have FAILED at getting the interviews all out in a decent time frame. Some people had to wait six months, granted part of that was for the sake of consistency, but I should have realized I was recording too many too quickly. I ended up doing that 40 in 40 days endeavor, which I feel that I was successful with. However in that some of the videos somehow got uploaded wrong, and I had to redo a lot of them.

Now I am feeling like I am too slow at getting things out.

What am I doing... NOW? May 2021

This month especially, but even this week since my shot was on Monday; Has been exhausting I feel like I am running on fumes everyday. Even when I wasn't recovering from the vaccine, there was this feeling of drowsiness or weakness physically.

In the Four Pillars sense, my Body Pillar was low, my Emotions Pillar dried up, Mind Pillar was there, but was struggling to keep up. If it wasn't for the willpower that originates for me from the Spirit Pillar, I would have just given up.

All throughout the month I struggled at getting out more than 2 interviews, but I still made sure I did. Junaid and Tuck you two are the best, and thank you for your generous patience.

I am currently trying to keep a baseline of 1 a week going, and striving to do more than that so people can expect to see their episode out in a reasonable timespan.

I still want to get an OmniContent out as well, and I have made changes to the OmniContent production pipeline, which has made making content across mediums more organized for me. I hope that continues to be a help.

For those who aren't in the know, I teach Aquatic Fitness, Personal training, Swimming, and I am doing admin work for aquatics where I am at. That last bit is actually new, and has been a big focus for me lately, as I have had to learn a ton of new stuff. It is a new job role, and one with a ton of responsibility, and I don't want to let down my boss. I think that is why I struggled in part to get some episodes out. One thing a friend today mentioned to me as well is that allergies are back, and that could be a cause as to why I feel like crap.

I am getting up each day however thinking I will do more, and thinking about what I could do in order to achieve greater results. I find that reassuring, for it means I am still on the right path. I just have to deal with external influences that are making the challenge harder.

Let's be honest we all have had a ton of crap over the past year that has hindered our progression. I talk with my clients all the time about this in the physical realm, but it isn't just exercise, it is everything. The coronavirus HAS changed us as a society as a whole, for both the better and for worse. Let's keep adapting, and growing positive about the potential for good change.

In the past year I have done 95 interviews on the PolyCast, and over 50 on other people's shows. Let alone taught myself a lot, and even created the first template for the Modular Degree finally. I will get better at my habits again, such as more consistent workouts or reading, and that personal growth will greatly impact my work.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

You will see more and more from me, as I get the content from the PolyCast repurposed. Either by hand or with some tool, and crosspost that across as many platforms as I can. Making it as contextualized as possible for that medium or platform.

I will keep making content on various socials, and I will keep collaborating with amazing people. I have plans for some sequel interview series' for the PolyCast, that changes the format of them into interesting ways.

At some point I will make the LLC for PolyInnovator, and be able to expand my written and video subscription offers.

I've only gotten stronger with the interviews, and so I hope you all keep enjoying them each week. As there are some more amazing people coming your way. So keep your eyes open for new episodes!

I'll see you all soon.

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