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TL:DR | This is the start of the NOW page vlog and post. I decided to keep a backlog from the main page.

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Note: I started keeping track of these in August, and so I included part of the previous info too.

What am I doing... NOW? July-Aug 2020

First and foremost I am creating two series of content. The first being OmniContent, which are sprints that go on vast amount platforms and channels.

The second being The Polymath PolyCast, where after 42 episodes of solocasts; I started having awesome guests on my show (Reach out to me if you're interested on coming on); The experience from multiple sources has created new ideas to sprout, and one question I ask every guest is "What is a Polymath to you?".

Once I started doing the interviews it gave me an accountability urge to make sure I didn't let down my guests. That helped me to be consistent each week, and decided to weekly upload the interviews on the Polymath PolyCast, on Tuesday.

This last week of July I failed to upload, as I had severe internet issues, with literally NO upload speed at all. I am aiming to get started up next week for the upload schedule to be back on track! That allows for a unique perspective to this polymathic ideal that PolyInnovator is spreading awareness to.

Check out the PolyCast

In a bigger view #MACRO

What's Coming up?

As a polymath there is a lot that I could go towards, but I want to convey all the information to you so that you get a good picture.

First, I have had even more trouble with the learning management system I was using for the free Self-Education Mini Course I created for the #Innovators here following me. However I also did finally complete the videos for the course, so when that gets back up I think it will be better than ever.

In a bigger sense I have a huge plan for PolyInnovator, I haven't been making it up as I go along. It is hard to explain what I envision, but in essence I want to make consistency a priority. Allowing for steady growth of my channels, and building up the #Innovators tribe. Which includes polymathic people as well! ;)

Whenever that gets big enough and I have done enough "Jabs", then I can throw a right hook as Gary Vee says, which would be my books or courses. Here is a little sneak peek my next project:

The Personal PolyInnovation System.

Currently editing all the interviews for the PolyCast has been taking up all my time, but I'll catch up here soon. I wanted to let the guests know that I am still working on microcontent. I just haven't gotten a chance to do it yet!

That is the culmination of the first phase of content, particularly OmniContent, where we have been talking about Self-EduDevment, or in particular Self-Education through the Modular Education Framework.

I have some big plans for the OmniContent, or omnichannel content sprints if you will. That will be really interesting to keep seeing evolve as I get better with it. Not to mention find new ways to make it on even more platforms.

This is a revolutionary approach to how we go after online education, and I am excited to keep seeing it evolve the more I talk about it. Especially when I learn ideas from others, such as the importance of community based learning. Something I hadn't put much thought into before.

On a personal note I've been reading, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, and been working a day job as well. So I am staying active and learning. My personal Modular Degree, of which is the origin of the first phase for PolyInnovator has been put on the backburner. I still pick at it often, and optimize it, but I haven't created any progress videos for a while.

I am sorry for that, and if you have questions about starting your own that is what I am focusing on. Helping others with their Self-Education.

Between all of these there is a lot to keep up on, which is why I took a page (literally in a way) from Derek Sivers' book. Creating this NOW page of what I am working on at this time of my life/PolyInnovator.

This system will encompass the three areas of self growth:

  • Self-Education through the Modular Degree
  • Self-Improvement through Habits and Systems
  • Self-Development through the Four Pillars Philosophy

Feel free to message me using the button below, and all of those orbs lead to my content silos. Cheers!

I intend on doing presentations on the system on stage as well, which will be my foray into speaking gigs!

Not to mention a course (s?) and book on the matter as well. Hopefully soon I will be making more detailed pages on all the above that I mentioned. Revamping the site menu to align with the new stuff.

Watch or check out latest update on the main page/playlist!

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