Nothing Can Drown out this Fire

TL:DR | I feel the constant struggle, and the pain of trying to continue on when there is no light in sight. The only light I have comes from within, the fire inside that drives me forward.

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I have been stuck for years, with no end in sight.

While a lot of it is either my fault from procrastination, or from external circumstances (like the terrible Pneumonia I'm still recovering from).

In the end it doesn't matter what reason I am where I am. The point is that I am, and what do I need to do about it?

I've not been creating a whole lot of content as of late while I recover. I'm even procrastinating on doing the first PolyInContent in a long while. That I was supposed to work on a few hours ago. Now it doesn't matter right now what I do, just as long as I keep moving forward.

That has always been my mentality. Keep getting progress in some way.

It is like that no matter what setbacks, lack of progress on the grand scale, it doesn't deter my will to keep going.

Now it may be hard for some people to who don't know my life well to understand. I create content. I ton of content. What does that mean? I create a variety of different kinds of videos, podcasts, and blog posts. Even this one is not technically meant for others. It is for me, it is for me to express myself.

The Fireside Codex is just that, a codex of entries, of me talking as if it was a fireside chat. A personal but PUBLIC journal of sorts, that allows me to process what I am dealing with.

That is one of MANY series that I do, and I am determined to keep them all going. Despite the lack of "focus" towards one goal, it may seem on the outside. In my head this consistency is just the foundation, it isn't the goal itself.

The goal itself is to complete projects for each arm of PolyInnovator, such as books, courses, or some other method of monetization/community.

I know the next step for each phase/arm, but figuring out which one to work on. How to get it done, and so forth has always been a challenge. However my main focus is to try and get this how to swim book done first.

It has been on my back burner for many years, and I feel that it is the most prudent for me to get out in the world. If were to die I'd want that out there for people to learn to swim.

Even when I was sick in the hospital bed, these are the things I thought about.

When I imagine a potential alternative career, in my head content always somehow finds its way back to the forefront. Even if I were to stop everything tomorrow, and become a huge music star. I'd still make content.

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