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TL:DR | Take heed in these words today, and go out and make a difference! Recycling is an important part of our circular economy. We need to drastically improve our methods.

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Every year millions of pounds of trash is dumped across the world. This could all be avoided if we just started taking the smart precautions that many nations have already been doing for years. Though even they may not have been doing enough to really make a difference overall in the world.

We have the potential to be doing much more than we are for the world, and recycling is just a baseline for the planet-wide society to be living on.

Top 10 Countries That Recycle The Most

World Changing Videos!

Each of these countries are doing their best to change the way we dispose of our waste, and some of them are greatly efficient, and although it works for them it may not for some larger countries. This does not mean however that we can simply ignore the ideals, the way they are working does have a chance to work for us, and we have yet to even try. Let alone could evolve into something different for a nation greater in size.

Recycling in Norway

Here is a video on Facebook about the comparison of recycling in the United States versus Norway. How their system has been in place for three decades, without any issue, and complete societal normality.

Norway has increased their recycling productivity ten times over, and have been doing it for decades. The greatest thing we can admire and learn from, is the level of integration they have with their culture. The inbound nature of the recycling is so built in that they don’t even second guess it. It should as wide spread as trash cans, if not more so for Americans (I speak of all American countries). Simply due to the process of slow change we adopt in our society.

In Europe there seems to be a greater rate of evolution involved in the societies. Perhaps it is because they have been around longer, or that they are tremendously smaller, or maybe its that they are more open minded. Whatever the case may be we need to catch up with their way of life.

Recycling Electric Car Batteries

The company Tesla is making great strides not only in the success of the company, but in the advancement of transportation as a whole for humanity. We can learn a lot from not only the company itself, but the founder Elon Musk. The one thing that he does not have time for really, nor can he really do anything about at this point, is the outcome of batteries in the cars. They are bound to be dumped in the landfill, despite the fact that they contain toxic chemicals, precious irreplaceable metals, and the all important lithium that they make the batteries out of.

The world wide battery need explosion is going to hit hard for the landfills once they are done, and it is going to cause major problems if we do not account for the recycling of the batteries. They have plenty of reason to be recycled, but the lithium itself is much harder to do so. The problem is not that we can’t do it, it is because of the lack of profitability to do so, and despite the impact it will make on the planet it won’t convince the capitalistic market to do anything about it.

This is a hard spot because we need to do something about it, and the only ones that technically can are the ones who are guided by money. This comes down to the change in society that we need, and a change in the level of our efforts. We can do so much more to take care of our planet, and really the impact it will have on the economy would be amazing as well.

Change Our Ways

We need to enact a new way of living in our daily lives. Trust that the change will be a good one, and start activating new ideas that form from our communities. Making a culture built around recycling. It doesn’t even have to be a national thing, it could very well be on the city by city level, especially at first. It would give the chance for small scale experimentation, so that in the long run we would have experience on different avenues of pursuing this endeavor.

The overall scale of things is that we HAVE to start changing our ways, but considering how long it would take to do small scale or big scale, it would be better to just start small. It is more effective in the long run as it effects the citizens much quicker, and then it also gives way for experienced people to lead on the national scale. This is a similar mentality to how the U.L.C. wants to start helping people make a change in the world. Start small then grow big!

Take heed in these words today, and go out and make a difference!

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