My Most Productive Day Ever

TL:DR | An excited Dustin wanted to share a highly productive day in the Codex.

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My Most Productive Day Ever

Yesterday I started this post, and ended up doing something else the rest of the evening. Despite that I would still say it was one of my most productive days ever.

This is because the past couple days before I had slept in an extra hour, and felt lazy from that. So when yesterday morning came around I got up swiftly, and went straight to my morning ritual: water, bathroom, supplements, and caffeine.

Took ever so slightly longer than anticipated, but once I got going I didn't stop. Luckily I had finished editing my interview the night before.

A Slow Week to a Fire Burning Weekend

Once that fire started to burn I wrote a 2500+ word blog post on the Art of Digital Productivity, at the same time finished the Task/Project Management Tool list post I have been meaning to update for a couple years.

During those writings I was uploading my latest interview, and converting to mp3 for the audio as well. Finished all of those things, and looked at my calendar. Workout and meditation were coming up and I had an hour to kill. Decided to go to the gym early, and had one of my toughest workouts all year.

For those who are curious, or myself down the line:

20 pull ups (been really hard for me lately due to lacking elasticity)

20 Weighted squats 200lbs

Using a foam brick I did 20 push ups, rotated to skinny side and 20 more, then rotated one last time to the vertical way and 20 more. That is what really got me too besides the sqauts.

One lap run.

At the end I did 10 bench presses with the bar because that's all I could do.

After That

I got home and collapsed on the floor. Set an alarm, Chillovator playlist music, and rested in a sort of meditative state. In that rest I got into the Alpha wavelength in my head, and came up with some great ideas.

I taught my personal training client (haha barely was able to move though!), and spent some time with a family member, dropped off an item for a friend, and relaxed the rest of the evening. #WorkHardRestHard

Just Keep Rolling

When you slow down or stop, then it is hard to speed back up again. If you keep your momentum going, then it is much easier to do even more than you originally thought.

I actually started thinking about this post during my workout today, and when I came home to rest I got obsessed mentally over this post idea, and the idea for an open world Pokemon game. I'm currently writing both simultaneously, and when I get into a Flow for one or the other I'll finish that one first.

I ended up deciding I should wait to finish these until a point where I wasn't tired. I think that ended up being a good idea.

From Content Production to Personal Daily Habits

I finished two blog posts, started two more, uploaded my late to release interview finally, and even created a video review. On top of that I got some of my habits done really well, from drinking enough water throughout the day, to working out, and even getting hundreds of experience on Duolingo.


Currently there is a competition in the app for people getting exp, and I have been sitting at the top of the leaderboard. Competeting with just a few people, but when one surpassed me that aforementioned fire kicked in!

Working Out Time

I explained the workout earlier, but my mindset was that of catching up. Getting to a point of consistency without relying on my classes anymore. When I taught at the Arc multiple times a week, it became easy to make a system of habits. However now I need to start from scratch.


I actually had to stop my rest halfway through because of the Alpha waves kept giving me so many ideas, and I just had to start writing these two posts down.

I was supremely relaxed, and after writing down the ideas I went back to laying down.

What does this mean?

Do I keep going on this steamroll, or do I slow down so I don't burn out? Well a fire is burning inside of me today, and perhaps it is because of my previous week not being up to my own standards. Or perhaps it is a built up momentum, as I have been doing more and more each day since I started timeblocking more deeply.

I got up late today (the day after this post took place), and that is okay for my body needed it. I used to get quite upset with that, and think I was wasting my day. However since I am a night owl and I exercised heavily, it makes sense. My previous thought process was because of societal norms, which are for the early birds in most cases. Not my kind of people.

Whether it is a small flame or a big one, keep feeding it fuel by doing the things you need to do!

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