Modular Degree (Alt to College)

TL:DR | What is a Modular Degree, and why is it important to you, even if you aren't pursuing one.

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Here is the video portion ^ and the PolyCast version of the video:

A revolution in the education world.

The Modular Degree system is a personal do it yourself (with a bit of guidance) framework, for learning in the modern online world.

This PolyInContent episode revolves around the concept, framework, and application of WHAT Modular Degrees are. Showing you HOW to use them. Then finally teaching you WHY they are so very important to the future of schools.

It all started with this frustration...

A frustration that left me without options, and trust me I looked all over. From the various corners of the globe, I was agnostic on where I scoured, and what was it that I was looking for you ask?

A degree...

Hello I am Dustin Miller PolyInnovator, my mission is to innovate many fields over the course of my life, and my ambition is to help other multidisciplinary people level up their life in the process. If you are watching on TeleInnovator, or listening in on the PolyCast, then you have come to the right place for success!

A change in learning philosophy and methodology.

Creating a new approach to how we learn as a global society, let alone institutions, education and schooling.

This is the start to the Modular Learning Framework, that the Modular Degree encompasses.

I wanted to create more than just a do it yourself degree system, and something beyond that akin to a platform of learners.

Why am I sharing all of this before I actually get it done?

Well after releasing the template in Notion, for people to get started building their own. I realized I didn't know how to progress it from there, as it is something beyond my technical knowledge in coding. However by getting the word out, and by getting more and more people using the beta Notion Template. It will allow for faster iteration, and I'll be even more ready to make the actual App-like system.

I've been at this a while too:

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Modular Degree (DIY degree) | Personal PolyInnovation System
This is a page dedicated to the Modular Degree, an experimental Self-Education endeavor for changing how we approach online education! Get started on your own Modegree today!

You start with a mission

That being something along the lines of a dream job, future skill, or something you're extremely curious about.

A topic that gets you excited!

When you have that subject, then the next thing to do is to find resources that teach you that subject. Now sure there are articles, videos, and podcasts that will teach you. However you really need something more substantial... such as a course, audiobook, or just a book on that topic.

All six of those content types however are accounted for in the Modular Degree, and I encourage you to track all of them. As you never know when you may need to reference back to an old video to relearn something, or to link back to it in your own content.

I did hint there that you'll make content as well, and it doesn't have to be public (although learning in public is what I recommend). The reason why you would CREATE, is to reinforce your learning of that subject matter.

What's the catch?

To be honest there is no catch, it is as simple as what I have described.

The biggest issue is that it is early on, and only about a dozen people have done something like this (at least publicly).

Personal Takeaways

You'll need an autodidactic attitude, and a desire to learn.

Finding resources or links is fun for me, but for you it could be tedious. You don't know until you try!

In order to use the Modular Degree in the form that it is now, then you'll have to use, which is a productivity tool. Something that you can build your life operating system into, or at the very least track your learning.

Duplicate the Modegree Template to YOUR Notion!

Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator - Modular Degree NOTION Template
Omnichannel Content Creator; Podcaster; and Fitness Coach!. Your access link will be on the next page!

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How to Create a Modular Degree
Going after your educational dreams is not something that you have to wait much longer for, as with the rise of technology we can now curate our own education. Create our own do it yourself degree, with modular education as the catalyst!

Take your Degree and Learning to NEW heights!

There is so much potential in this framework, and not just for the platform itself; but for each and every one of you as well.

A Modular learning methodology to help guide you into learning in the current level of education technology for a DIY degree.

This article is simple, and it was made to be that way. As a PolyInContent episode you get written, audio, and video portions of the episode. However there could be a difference between audio/video and the written portion, so I'd say go check out the other.

The reason why I do that is because some people learn visually, other through words, and others still via auditory. Thus as a creator I have a need to cater to various learning types.

This is something you should consider too when creating your degree.

The best thing to do is to start reading the posts I have on this Self-Education, as well as playing around with the template to see what you can do!

Self-Education | Modular Degree (Alt to College) 🎓 - PolyInnovator LLC | Official Website for Dustin Miller
Self-Education is a term I took from Autodidactism, and is something not talked about enough. Most, if not all, very successful individuals of the world exclaim that it was learning that attributed to their success.

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