Level Up Multipotentialites to Polymaths

TL:DR | This revival of the Journey to Polymathy newsletter is inspired by the first Revue post I had made of this same title. On there it was too small, and didn't go into enough detail. Leveling up from Multipotentialite to Polymath!

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Level Up Multipotentialites to Polymaths
To all of the Multipotentialites

To have the potential to do many things isn’t that unique, as we are by human nature curious, and depending on our circumstances may have a lot of potential. What sets Multi’s apart is the non-linear thinking, and the fact that Multi’s or JoAT’s indulge their curiosities.

What is a Multipotentialite or Multipotenziale?

It is a mindset, and a potential to do many different things. I've talked to many people who consider themselves to be a Multi.

There is a really great group called the Octopus movement, that exemplifies these kinds of people too. Helping you think about the concept more like an octopus, with multiple arms spreading out. Also the term Multipotentialite was originally popularized by Emilie Wapnick's TED talk.

What I think a Multi is/can be, is the "juggling" approach to polymathy. Almost incarnate. It is the spreading yourself out based on curiosities and passions.

Why does it sound like I am being harsh?

In truth I'm really not, as I have a lot of respect for multi's. This is because you have found a word or term that fits who you are naturally.

I created the Multidisciplinary Spectrum for a reason, and that was for people like you or I to be able to find where we are on the specialty(ies) scale.

While I think for some sects of Multi's it is more about a lifestyle, and how they NATURALLY think/feel. There is this notion that "multi-potential" is just the START of a polymathic journey.

How do you level up from being a Multi?

This newsletter is about the journey to polymathy, and to me each of these multidisciplinary terms are in a flow. Hence the aforementioned spectrum, and in the end the goal is to aim towards becoming a polymath.

Since Multipotentialites are at the beginning of the spectrum there are plenty avenues you can go.

Whether it being T-shaped, aftering feeling out with multiple tentacles, there would be one that strikes a chord. You end up temporarily specalizing, perhaps still dabbling on the side. Alternatively, for those more on the Perry Knoppert's style of Multi's; You can simply keep going on your Multipotentialite lifestyle, juggling many different things.

A curiosity to excel in two or more fields, a potential driven by that curiosity. This is why I often refer to multi’s as people who BECOME Polymaths because of the divergent interests. Not to mention they’re good at training their curiosity skill. One thing to keep in mind is that maybe YOU are a multipotentialite, or Multi combined with a Specialist. I do not subscribe to the notion that they are mutually exclusive. As you can be a specialist, who later found out they were a multi. Becoming a T-shaped person in the process.

In Conclusion to Level Up...

I talk a lot about people who are multidisciplinary all along the spectrum, from the Multi’s to the Generalists, and even Polymaths. While I think that the juggling approach is a lot harder to maintain over time. There are some Multi's that I presume won't be able to progress any other way.

The way they think, it is the spread your wings approach.

This series is meant to get people started thinking about where they are on the Spectrum, and how to move to the next level! Cheers, -Dustin M. PolyInnovator

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