It Always Seems to Fall Right

TL:DR | Something I was thinking about in life. Things just always seem to fall into place. Even when something bad happens, you can know that it is only temporary.

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It Always Seems to Fall Right

I'm writing this in the same vane as the original Fireside Codex on the blockchain blog (the original locale). In my life I have always been resourceful, curious, and most importantly adaptive. Part of that I think comes from my generalist side of life (or is it vice versa??), and the other part comes from my mom.

Honestly I am not sure how she managed to do things growing up, whether it was paying bills with no income, or it was accomplishing a great Christmas. She was always resourceful, and I picked up on that trait too. I think at times she may be a bit off when it come to the dynamic of renegade vs paragon if you know what I mean, and I rather tend to stick the paragon options. However that skill made its way to me luckily.

Around the time I was ending my venture at Natural Grocers (a truly gross company to work for, and terrible experience IMO), there was a family I made a connection to. When I would cashier for them (they would even make a point to come to my line) I would make the whole process more efficient. Something I do naturally, but it helps tremendously when the patron plays along. I'd end up scanning half of their items before they would even leave the cart (mostly just codes to remember rather than scanning). They were really grateful, as it would cut about a third of the time of the transaction. They were business people, and time is money after all.

I ended up working for them later on, due to the networking connection. It was a great job, even if it was temporary (as they moved).

A similar experience happened to me recently, as I picked up a temp job at the halloween store in the meantime. There was a customer, and I just ended up being my generally excited demeanor. I really tried to help him, and he was impressed by the effort that he offered me work at his store after this one ends.

Whether that ends up being fruitful is still up in the air, but I have a good feeling about it. It is an example though of that resourcefulness I got from my mother though. It just happens to happen to me at times in my life. Often when I need it most, and I have a need of income drastically.

Things just always seem to work out. Now to be clear I am not saying this to be pretentious, and certainly don't want people to think that life has been a cakewalk. Far from it, but if you are patient enough things will eventually work out for the better. That is if you set your intention high, and your expectation low.

I don't want the universe to come at me with a great big problem tomorrow!

Just trying to stay adaptive, trying hard, and going with the flow of things.

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