Is Web 3.0 Leading Us into the Next Renaissance?

TL:DR | In the next era of the internet we will thrive as polymaths in the world wide webaissance.

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Is Web 3.0 Leading Us into the Next Renaissance?

While the likes of Elon Musk call it nothing more than a fad or marketing buzzword, the idea of Web 3 is a solid one. It categorizes or gives an epoch to the ages of the internet. When it first started out as static webpages, and very few had the ability to make them. That is web 1.0.

When the social media platforms hit, around the time that Javascript and HTML5 gained in popularity, they simplified the process of creating content. Such as the tool I am writing on now and Ghost CMS. They allow for interactivity from the user (me), in various inputs to the site, and then I can publish on the internet.

Now we are reaching the modern day, where the centralization of these platforms have been causing problems. We looked towards the blockchain technology, and that allows us to hit a decentalization curve.

One that will change how we use the internet entirely.

Why do I think we are going into a new Renaissance?

The freedom of choice, power, and automation. They all come together to form what will entail the future of the internet. We are reaching the point in the technological prowess, where sites that once needed to be manually controlled. Can now have a more systematized process. Whether it is a collection of nodes, and if people are still involved then, or a completely autonomous process.

When the faults of the society or organizations can be covered, then we as a people can focus on progression. Moving forward, and expressing human creativity and ingenuity.

This is what spawned the various renaissances over the world, and in particular the Italian one.

DAO's Leading the Way for Creativity

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations allow for individuals to focus more on the POINT of the platform. Rather than the platform itself, and by having it relatively automated the benefit of that is time.

Not to mention the ability to have things be decentralized as well, and not have singular power operating the decisions. I have been planning on the Modular Degree Framework to follow this methodology as well.

How is Web 3.0 a part of it?

The technology allows for better latency, cutting out the middle man (like banks in the view of currency), and overall have full control over your private data.

Think of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks, and if they were NFTs. They were obviously his, but by sharing it to the chain others would be able to build on top of those ideas. Like a fork on github for a stack of code, but in this case a creative endeavor rather than technical (not to say that coding isn't creative!).

When I think of Web 3 I don't see what we about to go to next, which is where everyone is thinking about. What is NEXT? Rather I am thinking about the time after, where the technology has aged for a bit. Think about how Vine was too early in the social media space, the platform basically just died. Partially because Twitter squandered it, but also because it wasn't able to innovate in the time period it was made. However Tiktok has been able to take over that mantle, and that is because they are able to monetize with the current level of monetization technologies.

The same example can be applied to a platform that comes out in the next five years, where it is premature or ahead of its time. Then another one comes out that is similar, but the timing is better. That latter platform, what do THOSE look like, is what I am thinking about.

"Imagine a smarter web browser, that is actually made for our modern world."

What is Web 3.0?

It is the next epoch if you will for the internet. When we look back on humanity's progress, and in particular the evolution of the internet. We will see each of these as chapters in a book, and think about how common sense this all is to them. However to us it is all new now.

Polymathy in the New Internet

Multidisciplinary people thrive in a chaotic environment, and the developmental soup that is the web 3 world right now is a perfect place to jump in. I think more and more generalists are going to jump to these startups and thrive.

Even if you don't want to work for a web 3 company/startup, and want to do something a little more stable. Those companies are going to form soon, and over time become more in need of innovative multifaceted people.

The rise of polymathy is here, and web 3 is going to push it into the mainstream.

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