Introducing the "Creator Spotlight" Interviews by the PolyInContent Digest

TL:DR | Taking my passion for doing interviews, and driving the focus towards Content Creators. Discussing their tools, strategies, and most importantly their stories about being a creator!

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Introducing the "Creator Spotlight" Interviews by the PolyInContent Digest

I've been doing content for a very long time, and I've been doing interviews on my show the Polymath PolyCast for years now.

This range of content that I create has lead me down a path of trying to repurpose it all in order to expand the range of each piece of content. From using tools like or now my favorite being Opus Clip. I was able to take my content to new heights. I have met a ton of amazing creators through this, and started this newsletter series from it as well.

Spinning off of the PolyInContent Digest brand, I have created an interview series, where I talk directly to these fantastic creators!

What are the interviews like?

I've done three so far at the time of this writing, with more planned out. I can already tell this is going to be something amazing.

The way the guests naturally flow with the conversation, and as one of the guests rightly pointed out. Since they are already creators/hosts themselves, they know how the game works. So they make it easier to make the show happen, as they have similar experience.

How do I conduct the interviews?

Some people may be curious about this, as I do an extensive process for the PolyCast. Perhaps far more than most people would realize. Given that this show is more of a niche focus, and I don't have to research multiple fields about a person's life. It is actually a lot quicker of a process.

I still strongly believe in what Lewis Howes said "The Pre-show IS the Show", which means how you prepare MAKES the show how good it will be. Meaning I'll still be doing my diligence to make sure I understand the guest before having them on. It is what I believe any host should do.

Unlike the PolyCast where I make a ton of unique questions, this Creator Spotlight show will actually share questions from video to video. This is because they are already thought provoking, and I'm happy to go on tangents as well. It also keeps a similar format, so that each episode feels the same quality.

Why am I doing this?

Well for one I am fascinated with content creation and repurposing as a subject. It brings me joy to find out new stuff, and at my level it is actually quite hard to find things I do not know. Having guests on that are further along than me in a lot of ways, it is a great way of hearing their story and knowledge.

I also feel that I bring something different to the table than what other interview shows do. Being able to help creators share their story is very important to me too.

Where can I watch them?

Great question! These are primarily video based interviews, although I am thinking about creating an actual podcast feed for audio listeners as well.

Here is the playlist for the interviews:

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