The Intro for Dustin's Fireside Codex

TL:DR | An endeavor for daily writing, and an extension of "Dustin's Fireside PolyCast"

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The Intro for Dustin's Fireside Codex


In simple terms this first post is to explain the blog, and to talk about why I wanted to create it! Primarily I wanted a place to put some more personal tales or discussion items, that don't make it into the Omni-Content of PolyInnovator. Secondly, the short format allows for me to create much more efficiently, and would allow me to have a stress free way of getting into the daily creative groove.

Why is this a thing?

I've been writing since 2011, but my biggest weakness is consistency. Mainly because I make it a much bigger deal in my head, than it needs to be. That being said I want to make a commitment to creating everyday. Either on this or the PolyCast, or both.

How does it help ME? You may ask.

I dig into some really interesting topics from time to time, and if you are close to me in person this is a good way to keep in touch. Not to mention if we do not know each other yet, this is a way for you to make a connection! :)

My Omni-Content is season/phase based, meaning the content is geared towards an overall topic. Whereas I let my polymathy run loose with the Fireside PolyBlog and PolyCast. Allowing for some really cool ideas and information to be shared that I don't talk about elsewhere.

All in all I hope that this interests you in a way. Do let me know either way, so that things can be adjusted if needed. Granted this is a more personal blog, without the goal of gaining a following like on other platforms.

The Evolution (History)

In spirit this started back when I started blogging. As the posts I made back then quite resonate with what I am making with this codex. Over time I grew more geared towards a formal structure, and I aimed to systematize them more. This way I could keep the creative, and crank them out more and more.

Of course that is not how creativity is, but what most people don't realize is that creativity IS a muscle. The more you use, then the easier it is to tap into over time.

These posts are meant to be for my future family to look back, or even myself, and if I make a ripple perhaps fans.

That is why they are public vs. having them in a private notion database.

The idea of the Fireside and daily aspects came from my attempt last Summer at the beginning of the quarantine. This is when I used to make a blockchain based platform (again for legacy and longevity). I created the Fireside Idea there, so that it could be like FDR level of personal connection.

It is also where I started the Fireside Micro-PolyCast.

Over time I did try my hand at substack, which was positive, but not as conducive to the PolyInnovator Ecosystem.

The Result (Future)

After moving to Ghost everything has seemed to come to fruition. A lot of the journeys I had started in the past, now have seem to come to a close. With a lot more starting to take their place.

The ideas I have for this site are immense, and I'm excited to share them over time.

It is going to be interesting too since everything acts like a blog post, so that it all stays the same level of abstraction from an information architecture perspective.

I didn't mind getting creative with custom post types in Wordpress, but this is a lot better for your end I would think.

The hope is to create a Codex of all of my ideas and endeavors in the future. These Codex entries just simply bridge the gap in between areas in the main posts.

Allowing for a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci to digitize their own notebook like his.


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