Interpersonal Energies

TL:DR | Manifestations of Energy | Every person on the planet has some sort of energy to them. This could mean an aura or vibration resonance, but for today let us just talk about the personality of a person.

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Interpersonal Energies,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_lossy/

Manifestations of Energy

Your personality is the defined, or rather undefined, personification of your being. If we bring the Four Pillars Philosophy into play, then it means the mindset, physical attributes, spirit, and your perceived emotions. The most crucial out of all of those for this idea is the spirit, as it is the literal origin of the rest. Your mind cannot be created without it, your body is forged from it (ever hear about the “willpower” it took to build the muscles?), and how your emotions generally come into being. They are the reactions of your spirit involved with external stimulus.

Each person has their own personality, yes, but the key point is that most people are not that much different from each other. Some people seem really far off from the average Joe, such as Bill Gates. The thing to keep in mind is that they are very much human just like the rest of us, and the problem with celebrities is that we put them on such a high pedestal, and that causes them to be greatly overwhelmed.

Since they are like us, albeit with a bit more training though for it, they get overwhelmed by our admiration. They have the same origins of personality, and their spirit simply may have more tenacity. It can be said that the people who are successful are simply people who have developed a stronger sense of urgency.

A sense of needing to get something done, and pursuing that until the end of time. Most people don’t resonate with the idea that something is truly urgent, they may think that their deadline for work is important. Even go out of their way to finish it on time, but that is not the same thing. It is a matter of the way you think, the way you breath, and the way your spirit reacts to the idea. If your mind is set on something you may be successful, if your emotions are set on something you will never be successful, but if your spirit is set on something you will never fail.

The Spirit is the gateway of the person itself, and even though the manifestations of the other three Pillars may be strong, the Spirit Pillar is the hierarchy.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Four Pillars Philosophy: Spirit


The people around you are all experiencing the same interactions between their disable manifestations (I.e. Body Pillars), and their Spiritual Pillar. The difference is on how they react or change because of those interactions. Some people resonate on a higher level, and become more successful because of it. This also impacts on how the interact with each other, and how some people just simply are easier to get along with. They have a higher level of connection with themselves, and it creates this illusion that they are somehow better than others, but the main point everyone should get out of this post is that:


The potential is there in everyone. It is just a matter of tapping into that being.

This is simply just talking about the personality, an explanation that combines parts of science (psychology, sociology, and neuroscience), with the fundamentals of philosophies (Buddhism, Reiki, etc.). This balance between such strong actualities, the proven and the unproven, is a rather unique experience. Not many people seem to realize the true aspect of these two subjects, is to be combined.

The balance between the scientific plane, and the philosophical ideologies, is what makes the United Living Construct. Literally the balance between Technology and Ideology is our calling card. All because that this idea that they can be combined hasn’t been truly pushed before, there is a book called the Tao of Physics that does this really well. Certain situations this idea may have cropped up, but it always fizzled out before it could grow. We want to challenge the conventional way of thinking, in order to create an environment perfect for growth, using the scientific method, and philosophical guidance, together in harmony.

The Balance

The true understanding of life, is very simple. Keep yourself in balance, whatever that personally means to you. This will allow a fundamental shift in your reality, more on the smaller scale if you follow your own beliefs, but if you open your mind to the possibilities, the opportunity for growth is endless.

Each person has their own persona, all that is said is that the persona is the Spirit Pillar. This is the explanation as to why it is so important, in all other Four Pillars Posts, it generally focuses on the Mind-Body connection, with a few Emotions Pillar explanations here and there. This is meant to be the manifestation of the Four Pillars Philosophy for the spiritual plane/ideology. Not everyone is spiritual at the moment, some people even believe they are, but lack the understanding of compassion and people. People are beings of energy, no matter if you look at science or philosophy. That is a consistency between both, a balance if you will. The duality of science and philosophy is not as black and white, as many people are to be believed.

Understanding this is the key point today, and to dynamically understand yourself. Your persona is the embodiment of the Spirit Pillar. This is what makes connections with people so powerful.

Some people think it is the mental connection, or the bond of the bodies, or even the emotional resonance, but what is really happening is two people’s Spirit Pillars connecting through the other Pillars. It is a bond that is transcending from the Spirit through the manifestations of your persona. They just so happen to be the other Pillars!

No matter what you believe in today, it could be the science of fact, or the ideology of the soul. The point is to open you mind to the reality of your life. An expanding of the persona today is easier than ever.

Take your Spirit Pillar to a whole new level!

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