I Followed MY Direction

TL:DR | After listening to a powerful podcast episode I got to thinking. What about the path you draw for yourself, and ability to not only sense an opportunity, but to take it?

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I Followed MY Direction

I haven't been so excited to write a journal entry like this in a while. I was listening to an episode of The Knowledge Project (linked below)

Where one of my favorite writers, Derek Sivers (creator of the Now page concept I do), was being interviewed on the show. I've always quite resonated with the guest, and the host seems to be aligned with my thinking as well.

They were talking about following your own direction, and what would've happened if they followed a more defined path by someone else. That motivated me to make this entry today, and I'll take it from here.

Why I think it is Important to Follow Your Gut

The magical thing we call our gut intelligence isn't as arcane as you might think. There are studies that have shown that there are cells in the stomach similar to the neurons in the brain. Meaning there is a mini brain in the stomach area, and that usually controls the digestive fuctions.

Although it is theorized that it could be doing something more, and we can't forget about our subconscious either. Our lower levels of our head brain are that of the more systemic ones. They take in a ton of information compared to our conscious mind. We often know things that we don't fully think about, and that is because of our lower mind. I say a lot that the Spirit Pillar, from the Four Pillars Philosophy, is more of a connection between the conscious mind and the subconscious.

When we follow our gut we are taking advantage of that power that lies beneath our conscious mind. Trusting the intuition means trusting the information you have been processing in the background.

How Intuition and Being an Opportunist work together.

Being opportunistic is a super helpful trait, and it can be developed for anyone.

This is so true that I can't scream it loud enough: if you open yourself to opportunity you will then see it more.

For example I started looking to move a few years back, either into an apartment or cheaper house, and before I would just ignore all the signs. Wouldn't even register them, and once I was open to them I started seeing them everywhere. Another example is that of tribalism, where if you buy a certain brand of car, and then you start to see that brand around town. You resonate with the other driver because they have similar taste as you, you think, and you are part of that same tribe of drivers of that brand. #lexusgang ftw

When you open yourself up by being an opportunist, and start listening to your gut then they start to work together. You pick up on more unique opportunities because of your intuition, and then actually do something with them by being an opportunist. It all comes together, but it is a switch in your mind you have to turn on.

What is Happening NOW?

Ironically I wrote out this post like a traditional blog post, but these Fireside Codex entries are just simply me getting my mind off of a topic. Brain dumping, or emotions sharing kind of thing. Right now in life I am overwhelmed, but more and more feeling motivated to complete things.

It honestly feels nice to write in this style, as even though I made this post for me I do think there are others out there who would benefit from this.

Please go check out Derek Sivers!

Derek Sivers

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