I don't have enough time, and here is what I'm gonna do to fix it

TL:DR | A QUICK run down of where I am at mentally, especially when it comes to the idea of time management.

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Time is limited. Our actions are futile in the grand scheme of the cosmos. Well that's depressing. Although really... what we do, Matters. It really does, and the more people we can impact the better our lives become. The more of a chance we can leave a mark on the grand timeline.

This is my line of thinking in the macro, and that falls all the way down to the micro (or Pico when it comes to the PIOS).

Making some changes helps, but isn't enough

For example when I started doing these personal fireside codex posts. I thought I'm gonna make a thumbnail for each one too. However that one small act would sometimes keep me from writing.

I need to let myself get the flow of thought out, like I am today. In order to actually post more. The more I post, the more practice I get, and the more of a habit I build.

Time is finite, and you for the most part have opportunity cost. I don't get too up in a worry about O.C., as in my mind things can just happen later. Very rarely do you have to choose between things, and it being permanent.

The reason why I spend so much time on Knowledge management tools, is that they are the key to acceleration. If you don't have a system, and tbh I think notebooks are not good enough in the modern age.

Then you are stuck to the level of your own capacity, and even the greatest humans have pretty low capacity for output. It is a limitation of our mind, energy, focus, procrastination, etc.

By having systems it takes the mind off of the trivial, and allows you to "eat the frog" more often. Or Get Things Done.

As long as things get done, it doesn't matter how much time it takes right?

No, there are too many things to do in this short life, and thus I need to push some limits. At least for a sprint or two.

AI tools are quickly making the current version of the Modegree obsolete, and I need to make the platform.

PolyTools is finally made, but needs to be launched.

My swimming newsletter is complete for the most part, but it needs to be revamped for the release of the book. Not to mention MAKE the book.

From there I have a ton of things planned and going on. From doing my gaming channel, which seems like a huge opportunity for growth and enjoyment of content/gaming.

Even just being more consistent with my series. It all comes full circle. If I could just catch up!!

Notion is NOT the king of Knowledge Management Tools, here's why.
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Notion is NOT the king of Knowledge Management Tools, here's why.

While not really a rant, it is a bit more on the opinionated side. Notion is overrated, and I'm tired of people ignoring some really great PKM tools purely because Notion is all they hear about.

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NOW Page 45 April 2024

The struggles of catching up, but in other areas of life actually getting caught up. From my job I have been able to progress professionally, and get enough income to balance out my previous financial state.

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