I don't have an Accent

TL:DR | After another encounter with someone perplexed by my voice, I felt that I should write about it.

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I don't have an Accent

I am writing this in a bit of a annoyed state. That being because of something that happened to me the other night (wrote this in two parts).

All throughout my life I have been misunderstood. I honestly attributed it to my being multidisciplinary. However I released quickly as an adult, that some people assume I have an "accent". Although never throughout my life have I ever attempted to impersonate an accent.

I grew up around Spanish speakers from a very young age, 4 yrs +, and I have ALWAYS had an affinity towards other languages.

Literally for as long as I can remember, there has been this passion of mine to become a Polyglot.

The Misinterpretation of Intent

This is something I have experience far more than I should have, as I do not have an "accent" however; Throughout my literal ENTIRE life I have experienced this notion of having one.

Honestly I have seen it as a compliment, but tonight I felt the negative aspects. I was interacting with an inebriated person. The guy liked me at first, but then accused me of being a "charlatan". Simply because of the way I speak.

I do not purposely enact any enact any inflections, nor do I attempt to imitate any accents. I simply speak as a person who has been exposed to a plethora languages.

Honestly, this person was so drunk, that I really shouldn't really feel bad. However I felt that we had some comradery beforehand, and the sudden change felt out of place. Tis the impact of alcohol I'm afraid.

I don't know where my accent is from

Some people say that my city has a bit of an accent, but I don't see that because I am from here. Not only do the surrounding areas do, but my city doesn't really talk in a certain way. It isn't hill billy, but it also isn't modern if you will.

Rather it is a very multicultural place, and we get people from all over the world here.

Not only do I listen to music in many languages, but I also watch movies in Hindi or Tamil. I grew up around Spanish, and even get mistaken for French from time to time.

I am glad I can be a multicultural person, but I do not want that to lead to someone getting angry. That is why I was so upset the other night.

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