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TL:DR | The world is an astounding assortment of events and people from the beginning of time to the end. A series of events including, and acted on, by people. People are literally what drive the universe. If you add compassionate humans into the mix the world itself grows.

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United living Construct
Note: Some things in this post are a bit outdated, and I updated some, but I did keep a lot of it the same. Simply so you can see the mindset of when this post came out, and keep the same essence.

The world is an astounding assortment of events and people. That is all it is from the beginning of time to the end. A series of events including, and acted on, by people. People are literally what drive the universe. At the very least the universe of our world, the way it flows, nature does so much, but if you add compassionate humans into the mix the world itself grows.

We are organized (globally) currently in a manner of sectors, tribal groups, and religion.

This honestly primitive level of division is causing all of our problems, it is not our fault that we are in it, as it simply grew from the organizational efforts of our forefathers. In their attempt in getting unification. It is our fault however that we are still in this way.

We have the capacity, and easily level of communication to change this for the greater good of all humanity.

If we saw the world as one cohesive whole there wouldn’t be a need to divide resources in such a way, and it would allow everyone to prosper. Hard work is involved yes, but it is much better than dragging our feet in the metaphorical mud.


Letting go of these old ways is strongly akin to breaking a habit. Simple as that, including religions, it can be your choice to choose what you believe. It should be a right from the get go that you have the right to choose your life. Contrary to this belief it should not be condoned however to disperse a spiritual belief as law.

Morals are the basis of laws in this age, but those morals are skewed by contradicting religious beliefs. Religion can be a great way to consume Philosophy, and really the old texts should be learned from. The point that needs to be made is the separation of that philosophy from the government of the world. The United States was founded on the separation of church and state. Alas we have found ourselves back into that same position.

The reason of this section of this post is to convey the importance of this separation. It allows a more logical approach to leading people into more open minded discussions.

Open Mind

Pretending that you are listening to someone in spite of you actually staying to your same belief is the start of isolation.

Gone are the days where your mindset had certain quirks that can be ignored. With the rise of many avenues of growing yourself there is no excuse to be the same person as you were yesterday. It is our duty to improve our own lives at least a little bit every day.

In order for our world to grow we need to all become Autodidactic to some degree. The ability to teach yourself is going to be fundamental to the growth of humanity’s Innovation and philosophy. It is the cornerstone of a new civilization. The prospects of our future can only be built upon the shoulders of the life long learners. Including the people who are attempting change even now!

Entrepreneurs all over the world, do you know how they are successful? It is because they never stop learning, if they do then they inevitably fail. Often miserably because it was something extremely simple that caused their downfall. Something that could have been avoided if they had just simply taught themselves the secrets of success. The number one secret is to learn.

Igniting the Spark of Innovation

The brilliant minds of the world are only brilliant because they either came up with an idea completely unique, or they took a common idea and turned it genius. Steve Jobs was not the first to make a smartphone, but him and his team was the first ones to make it a community wide tool.

Innovation is simply the act of making something more useful for the world. If you can do that then you can change the world simply on just that alone.

If you can do that over and over again then that makes you a leader in the future of humanity itself. Think along the lines of Elon Musk (yes we are talking about him in a positive light). The world needs more innovators, and more importantly a place where they can do their magic. Silicon valley was supposed to be a place like that, but it failed due to the glorification of money.

Yes in a capitalistic world we need to make money to survive. Everyone and everything, but in a world where money is not a value then you do not. It is really that simple, but we cling to the old ways.

If we can find a way to postpone the idea of making money, honestly at this moment in time as a species money is not going away anytime soon, then we can Instill the mindset of an innovator much more effectively.

This is all in order to pursue the world wide future as a whole. To maximize our chance of survival.

A World of Service

The path of the United Living Construct, and the path of all the people like you who are coming along for the ride, is a path of innovation and greatness.

The very second you decide to join us for the progress of humanity, is the second your life will change forever. We are the passion driven company made from the backs of the greats before us. Every single successful endeavor on the planet was a remix of something great in the past. Take YouTube for example, it is a platform dedicated to provide media for the masses. You know what else had that exact same description? TV. Yes, the television market was one of the biggest and strongest platforms for reaching the people of any nation. YouTube took the place of TV in everyday life.

We create all of our content with the intent that every single post, podcast, video, etc can help at least someone. It could be as simple as providing a basic level of motivation, to literally being the one thing that changes their entire life, and everywhere in between.

Please understand this concept of dedication we have for you all, and the products or services we provide (meaning any sort of content) will all be made with this intention in mind!

Blog Posts, PolyCasts, Videos

Making a change in the world that is geared towards internet communication it would unrealistic to think that success would happen if we didn’t make amazing videos! Take a moment to please check out PolyInnovator Content Ecosystem!

Ebooks/Information Products:

All in all the point behind them is to grow the U.L.C. to a viable platform. At the moment the only plans are for some ebooks based around either philosophy, hard skills like swimming (PolyInnovator making it), or most of all a book on the U.L.C. itself. Personally I am really looking forward to finishing that last one!

PolyInnovator Academy Course:

Based around building your own education. Using a Modular Degree format, you can learn how to build your degree, semesters, and skills to learn!

PolyInnovator Content:

This has been a majority of where the Founder’s attention has been.

For this I apologize for not being very effective at keeping the U.L.C. Content very active for most of 2018! -Dustin, PolyInnovator

There are a plethora of blog posts, resources, and videos to watch if you would like to know more on:


How they relate, and differ from each other!

The U.L.C. Mindset

The mind of the U.L.C. is built upon the ideology of this post. Meaning to truly become who you are meant to be, and use the U.L.C. as a catalyst for change. We need to establish a new mindset without the limiting belief system, having an open mind to new ideas, and the mindset of an entrepreneur (which is the closest thing to what we need to become, in our time).

We talked about a place for those innovative minds to gather in order to pursue new ideas, that place is no other than the United Living Construct. This is the reason for our existence, and the fruit of our labor is to give you that opportunity.

At this moment we have a plethora of social media to connect, a forum based on this development, and a network for people to bounce ideas in.

As you continue to grow so shall we, and together we can change the world!

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