How to Get an Education during the Quarantine

TL:DR | Regardless if you are taking college courses at home (i.e. on Zoom), or if you are wanting to learn a new skill so that you get a new job when all this ends. There is a lot to be said about learning while home, and how unproductive many people can be in an environment they aren't used to.

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How to Get an Education during the Quarantine

I can hear you now. Dustin, we are at home, what environment could we be used to more?? Well for one your school, work, or elsewhere if that is where you do those things. If you go to a lecture hall or classroom, then that is where you will associate schooling (or more specifically learning).

If you go to work everyday in an office building, then you will associate that place with your "Work" mindset. That doesn't mean you can't work at home, there just needs to be an adjustment time.

Same thing goes for learning, and self-education.

Why Self-Educate Yourself at all?

Let us get one thing clear, even if you are in college you are spending most of the time teaching yourself. Whether it is from a textbook you are using with class, or your notes you got from the lecture (btw online courses have lectures too! ;D). You are inevitably learning by yourself, which is why study groups are really helpful. At least then you are with other like-minded people.

In the end however, only you can choose if you are going to learn that knowledge or not. Particularly how you learn it as well. We might as well keep that in the forefront of our mind the rest of the blog post.

Modular Degree

This is how you can get started with your own self-education. I often market the Mod Degree as an alternative to college. However it can just as easily be a supplement to it as well.

Essentially the Modular Degree Framework is designed to help you learn certain Topic(s) of your choosing. If you want to learn the same subject as what you are learning in school then by all means.

Perhaps however you wish to gain a new hard skill, so that you can get a new job when the quarantine is over.

Perhaps you want to learn what you are learning in class because you are getting behind with this drastic change.

Maybe above all you just like learning, and you want a way to organize your autodidactic endeavors.

Your Education during the Quarantine!

Leverage this global pandemic for something so productive, and accomplish the first step towards your new life.

The Modular Degree is just meant to help build your education, if you are looking for more catered towards your college life. Then there will be posts coming up more for what YOU need. I do believe however the Mod Degree will help put you in the right mindset FOR your university degree. #handinhand

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