How to be More Confident

TL:DR | Whether you are naturally strong willed, or very shy, there is a reason for you in your life to show confidence. Even if you are needing to feign it at first.

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How to be More Confident

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Face your challenges head on!

Your mentality on life and yourself is formulated from your mindset.

Confidence itself is simply the habit of taking up a challenge or feat, with the courage at that moment overriding your fear. It does not matter how hard the situation is, as long as you get it done, that is confidence. Some people have a hard time gaining traction when it comes to this sort of playing field, and so I wrote this post today to help you!

Your life can be full of wonders, great experiences, and no regrets. The only thing you have to do have such a life, is have confidence. Have confidence in the things you do, have confidence in the knowledge you have, and have confidence even when no one believes in you.

Others having faith in you is no where near as important as you having faith in yourself. Despite the lows in your life, and the challenges you have faced, you are here! You made it through, and more importantly stronger than you were before. If that doesn’t get you fired up, from the pride you can feel for being so awesome, then you need to reevaluate.

Fake it till you make it!

Seriously though it is a level of absurdity how much this works. Do you know why it does? When you fake your confidence it doesn’t seem any different from regular confidence. Not only to other people, but even to your own subconscious. Eventually you get so much confidence from the fake mindset, that it builds into something real. Now this isn’t to say be a fake person, but fake any confidence that you can. Like if you are about to go up for a speech, and you want to curl into a ball. Act cocky and strut your stuff in stead, walk over to the stand with a level of arrogance, as if you are about to drop the best speech there is. Even if you do not believe it at that moment, you will start to believe it.

In reality it is not very easy to be confident when you are so used to being not. Do you know why? It is because confidence is a habit, and when you have a habit that is so often in the way of your goals, then it is hard to get over. However when you start to fake it, it allows you to get over that habit little by little. It starts off with the simple stuff, and builds from there.

Eventually you get to the point where the big stuff doesn’t feel any different from the little. Drag your confidence from the ground, and put it on the spotlight!

Increase it More by Learning as Much as YOU Can!

Create an environment conducive to building confidence, if working out is your booster, then make sure you are getting up in the morning to workout. If talking to your friends is your booster, then go socialize before a speech.

If simply eating pancakes is what puts you in the right mindset, then well eat the dang pancakes!

You need to establish how you are right at this moment.
What areas you need to improve.
How you can change those areas.
The methods to do that change.
Choose one to start, and focus on that one.
Then reap the results!

This is an amazing video by Thomas Frank over on his channel on how to be confident!

He is quite the invaluable YouTuber, and he creates a lot of videos that are really helpful! This video is a great way to understand confidence in everyday life!

Understand that it may take some time to get this all done, and realize that you are an amazing person, with the reason to be confident. Master your own mind with meditation, habit training, and by learning as much as you can.

Be the person who you want to be, and be the person you are meant to be!

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