How to Add Content Links to your YouTube Shorts

TL:DR | Here is a quick post on how to add content links to your YouTube short. Linking them to their related long form video!

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How to Add Content Links to your YouTube Shorts

I just wanted to make a quick post about this feature, as it seems that most people don't quite get it just yet. I know I didn't!

Essentially YouTube turned off all hyperlinks in the Shorts format. Meaning that even if you went in and shared the link TO THE VIDEO that the clip is from. They do not work. This is because so many scammers/spammers took advantage of this feature. Hell I'd argue even a ton of marketers did too.

They did replace it however, and not just forego links completely. In hyperlink's place, we now have "content links". Where you can take your clip and link it to the long form video that it is related to.

Here is one of my latest shorts, and considering most/if not all of my shorts are cut from my videos. They all can be linked (although this will be tedious for sure).

You go to YT studio, manage content, and then click the short you want to edit.

From there on the short/video details page look over to the right where it says Related Video. Then you can search for your video there.

Go to the related video part of screen

I do not believe you can relate to other channels, and so it has to be your own video. Though I could be wrong. However you shouldn't be posting other people's work anyways!

It doesn't seem to work on desktop yet!!

Desktop screenshot of my YT short that I edited

This really irked me, as when I finally got around to testing out this new content links feature. It didn't show up for me, and so I went on my phone. Lo and behold it shows up on the mobile app.

I'm not sure if it is just me, but that seems like a lot of work for it only to show up 50% of the time.

Meaning that these content links are purely for mobile users, which I do believe make up a majority of the market at least.

However I find that I watch more shorts on desktop myself! lol

Hope this post helps you!!

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